Tyrion Lannister 
PICTURE: Helen Sloan/HBO
Tyrion Lannister PICTURE: Helen Sloan/HBO

#GoT fan theories that made us think

By Entertainment Reporter Time of article published May 12, 2019

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The fans of Game of Thrones are always looking for more information about the show and who can blame them? 

It's a complex show with even more complex characters and after this past weeks episode, where we are slowly seeing the villainisation of Daenerys Targaryen, fans are always asking questions to get more details on their favourite characters. 

On The Last of the Starks, which saw Sansa Stark tell Tyrion Lannister about Jon Snow's real parentage, Tyrion went on to tell Lord Varys and so begins what could be the undoing of Daenerys Targaryen.

Even though Tyrion dissuades Varys from using this information of Jon's claim to the Iron Throne, we all know how much of a schemer Varys is and he's probably already shared this information with his network of spies. Varys's comments: "It's not a secret anymore. Too many people know. It's now information" left me feeling cold.

It's not just me who is wondering what this means for the queen's advisors. 

Quora users are also asking fellow fans of the show about this: 

Q: Will Tyrion warn Daenerys that Varys is plotting against her now?

A: I don’t think Tyrion will warn Dany about Varys, nor do I think Tyrion will actively participate with Varys against Dany. I think that illustrates Tyrion’s dilemma — for all his begging to Varys not to do anything, deep down I think he knows Dany’s a disaster in the making. At the same time, he still truly wants to believe the best of her and hope she can be salvaged. So some non-acting middle ground sounds right.

I think Varys will probably be acting on his own and yes, I expect him to go down. The nagging bit will be who, if anyone, goes down with him by association and how wide a net Dany casts. Does Tyrion get caught up because he could have warned Dany and didn’t? Does Jon get targeted because he was Varys’ chosen replacement, even if he didn’t want it, and because he told his family when Dany didn’t want him to? Are Sansa and/or Arya on the block because Dany holds them responsible for Tyrion knowing and for telling Varys? Tyrion probably won’t actively work against Dany, but that might not be enough to save him.

Jon Snow and Dany at Winterfell. Picture: Helen Sloane/HBO

Another question was: 

Why could Sansa not keep the secret that Ned stark kept for years?

The argument can be made that Ned kept the secret for all those years to keep Jon safe and Sansa revealed it within hours to keep Jon safe, as well.

Jon’t wouldn’t have revealed the truth of his parentage to Dany. He avoided her but was cornered when he was in the crypts, in front of the statue of his mother, whom he never knew. It is sad that he never even get to spend time with her statue. And there was Dany disgusted with her rapist brother and out came the secret.

Jon wouldn’t have revealed the truth to Sansa and Arya. He agreed to Dany’s proposal and was ready to move out as soon as possible. His sisters cornered him, took him to the Godswood (place of Starks), and affirmed to him that he is as much of Ned’s child as they are and that he is their brother. And out came the secret.

Sansa wouldn’t have revealed the secret. She didn’t sought out Tyrion. She was struggling her own emotions as she saw Jon going South, the thing she is actually afraid, because of her associated trauma. She dodged Tyrion’s concern and questions but then she noticed that Tyrion is afraid of Dany. She revealed the truth after she sensed that Tyrion who was never afraid of anyone is actually afraid of Dany. That there may be a chance that he follows her because he doesn’t know there is another option. Sansa provided him with that option.

It's interesting how some of these theories actually make sense. 

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