LISTEN: Love #GoT? Then these podcasts are for you

By Buhle Mbonambi Time of article published Apr 19, 2019

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Game of Thrones is such a layered show with so many complexities, sometimes watching it doesn't give you all that you need to know about the show. 

Sure, you can read the books, but not everyone has the time (or energy, really) to read the tomes by George R.R. Martin. No shade to him. 

So what other avenue do most fans have other than the show and other website's dedicated to the world of Westeros and beyond? Podcasts! 

It's insane how many fans have Game of Thrones related podcasts, but it's also not really surprising that the show has such dedicated fans. 

From discussions about theories on the characters and what their end game will be, to spotting what was left out of the show and why it was a mistake, these fan run podcasts go deeper than one would expect. 

Here are some of the podcasts I've come across that take the conversation forward 


Hosted by legendary South African blogger and entertainment content creator, Lelo Boyana, and features Pearl Boshomane-Tsotetsi and Thabang Phetla, The Night's Watch obviously takes its name from the men responsible for protecting the realm from Wildlings and White Walkers.

Lelo is a new fan of Game of Thrones, who literally binged all the seasons to catch up with those of us who have been watching since the beginning. Pearl is a fan of the series, while Thabang has actually read the books.

So it's a nice mix of fans talking about the show they love and I love it when Thabang drops some book knowledge which then broadens up the conversation.

It's one of the few African podcasts that talk about Game of Thrones. Each episode features a guest. Past guests include noted fashion designer, Thula Sindi and author, Khaya Dlanga.


Joanna Robinson has gone from being an ordinary person and major fan of Game of Thrones to being a go-to GoT writer for Vanity Fair and all-round expert on the topic. She has read all the books and probably consumed most, if not everything, about Game of Thrones.

Her co-host, David Chen, an entertainment writer, hasn't read the books, but is a massive fan of the show.

They do the post mortems about the episodes, every week. It's a deep dive of book knowledge and TV show knowledge. They talk about the things you may have missed, reveal how big some moments were and also go into their favourite parts of the episode.


When you want to get really deep into Game of Thrones, this is a podcast to listen to. It doesn't have new episodes, but it's still has so much good stuff, you won't regret going back.

Hosted by Jeff, who fans of the show know as BryndenBFish, it's a total deep dive into what is really happening in Westeros, and goes really deep into the politics, history and some insight about the show.

The content is so good, that fans have suspected that the show is actually hosted by George RR Martin himself. The author has since denied it.

There's also other content from other podcasters on the website and if you want to know more about things like the Golden Company, Dorne and even the history behind some of the characters and their motivations.

Where to watch "Game of Thrones" 

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