The cast of 'Stranger Things 3'. Picture: Netflix
The cast of 'Stranger Things 3'. Picture: Netflix

SA’s top 5 streaming platforms leave viewers flooded with choice

By Debashine Thangevelo Time of article published Aug 13, 2021

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Streaming platforms have disrupted the television industry.

And broadcasters have had to think and adapt fast, to ensure they are not left behind in the rat race for viewership figures.

First DStv, which has been a dominant pay-TV broadcaster in the market, partnered with Showmax – a partnership that continues to gain momentum.

Late last year, they announced the launch of the Explora Ultra decoder, which, aside from a number of new features, included built-in access to several mainstream streaming platforms.

This was a major play for DStv. And eMedia has made an unprecedented move by a broadcaster with the launch eVOD, which is a budget-friendly option.

While there are several major and minor streaming platforms available, big players are looking to tap into the ever-expanding market.

In the meantime, there are several streaming platforms ruling the roost as listed below:


Netflix logo. Supplied

This is without a doubt the queen bee when it comes to streaming platforms.

Netflix has one of the largest subscriber bases and has a trusted global footprint with an extensive library of content.

The wide array of movies, TV dramas, documentaries, reality shows, telenovelas and original content are from different parts of the world.

As such, viewers are exposed to offerings from Africa, East and West Asia, the Middle East and more.

The phrase “spoilt for choice” springs to mind when it comes to Netflix. A bonus: you can share your login with five people.

It’s been a win-win for viewers wanting something more affordable as well as better options.


Showmax logo. Picture: Supplied

This streaming platform was launched before the arrival of Netflix.

But, since the partnership with DStv, there has been a notable surge in figures as it has grown its reach.

Adding sport to its offerings was a big selling point, too.

Showmax offers some of the best HBO content.

And the platform is fast cultivating a reputation for cornering the market with its original star-centric reality series offering.

Of course, it’s got a great mix of movies, TV shows, documentaries as well as home-grown content, including popular Afrikaans options.

As we have witnessed, local content is king in South Africa and, on that front, Showmax has an edge over rivals.


Amazon Prime Video logo. Picture: Supplied

This is the go-to option for discerning viewers. Those who prefer watching something with depth and a certain level of relatability.

Aside from the original content, the menu, which covers the full gamut of preferences when it comes to binge-watching, offers familiar TV titles along with groundbreaking offerings that push the envelope.

If you gravitate towards ingenious storytelling, this is the platform for you.


Britbox. Picture: Supplied

When it comes to comedy and whodunits, the British have proven their Midas touch.

As the title of the streaming platform suggests, this is where you can enjoy the best content from the UK.

With thousands of hours of binge-worthy content ranging on offer, viewers can indulge in box sets of their favourite shows as well as new exclusive titles.

This video on demand platform has everything from dramas, comedies, documentaries, lifestyle shows to murder mysteries.

Oh and there’s plenty of content around the British royal family, too.


Vodacom Play. Picture: Supplied

This Vodacom streaming platform offers a mix of entertainment and lifestyle content. And it appeals to audiences on different tiers when it comes to budget.

The premium package gives viewers access to exclusive series, movies, kids shows, health and fitness lifestyle shows, Nollywood content as well as access to the latest gossip, music videos and online gaming festivals. It’s like a one-stop shop for all your needs, which explains its popularity.

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