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Monday, August 15, 2022

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‘Selling Sunset’ season 4 brings new characters, old beef & plenty of ‘Mean Girls’ drama

Christine Quinn is not keen on mending relationships with her co-stars in ’Selling Sunset’. Picture: Netflix

Christine Quinn is not keen on mending relationships with her co-stars in ’Selling Sunset’. Picture: Netflix

Published Nov 26, 2021


So the fourth season of “Selling Sunset” dropped this week, and, as is my default setting with a show I am hooked on, I ended up binging the whole season in one afternoon.

I started watching this reality show-meets-docu-soap offering after a colleague mentioned it. It took me three days to complete all the seasons. Yes, I get carried away, but can you blame me?

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Before I get into the juicy upsets of the new season, I just wanted to point out that offerings like this have proven to be a goldmine. It’s also why Netflix has chosen to renew it – season five is coming – as well as new seasons of “Bling Empire” and “My Unorthodox Life”.

“Selling Sunset” follows the lives of Brett and Jason Oppenheim, co-founders of the Oppenheim Group, and the bevy of gorgeous, high-flying real-estate agents in the group.

Seriously, forget trashy, flashy reality TV shows are the new holy grail. And we, literally, cannot get enough of the highfalutin lifestyles of the always cover-ready cast.

Christine Quinn is to “Selling Sunset” what Samantha Jones was to “Sex and the City” - the drawcard.

When it comes to the queen bee of bitchiness, she wears the crown with unfettered pride. And she can, literally, afford to be smug.

She is married to tech tycoon Christian Richard.

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Her wedding in season three was something out of a fairytale book.

Of course, Christine never does anything in half measures.

She pulls out all the stops when she is throwing a shindig, whether it is an engagement party or a baby shower.

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Outrageous demands are her default setting. I mean, who really asks for a sloth to be part of the entertainment at a baby shower?

I guess that is why we love, sometimes hate but definitely envy Christine.

This leggy blonde beauty serves life goals like no one else. From her flashy ride, designer wardrobe right down to her hair and make-up, she is flawless.

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Christine Quinn with hubby Christian Richard at her lavish baby shower in season four. Picture: Adam Rose/Netflix

At the start of the season, the only tell-tale sign of Christine being pregnant was a protruding belly. She was still walking around in nine-inch heels.

However, her beef with several of her colleagues, including former BFF Mary Fitzgerald, and Chrishell Stause, remains unresolved. And Mary’s model husband Romain Bonnet is no fan of Christine’s either.

Ironically enough, Mary and Christine used to be inseparable until Chrishell arrived as a new agent in season one. The actress, previously married to Justin Hartley, clashed with Christine on numerous occasions.

Heather Rae Young, a former Playboy Playmate as well as actress, also found herself on the receiving end of Christine’s wrath. For some reason, Christine didn’t take to her romance with TV personality Tarek El Moussa, and this immediately got Heather’s guard up with her.

Davina Potratz, who joined the series a bit later, allied herself with Christine. Her lack of tact always saw her on the wrong footing with the other agents but not Christine.

In season two, Mary’s interior designer friend Amanza Smith joined the firm.

The single mother struggled to find her feet, but she was a mother hen when it came to Mary.

And she didn’t hold back when it came to challenging Christine or calling her out on her BS.

Maya Vander is Switzerland in the group. She refuses to take sides. Even when she is being a little cheeky, her Israeli accent helps her get away with it.

Brett and Jason, who previously dated Mary with whom he has two fur-babies and shares co-parenting duties, create an atmosphere of a family with the ladies.

While they work hard to seal those high-end deals, they also make time to break bread together.

In season four, there are two new faces on the show: Vanessa Villela and Emma Hernan.

While Vanessa, a telenovela actress, switched careers after the passing of her sister, is hungry to learn, she is mindful of rocking the current office dynamics.

For some reason, Christine, who is still on a break after having the baby, warms up to Vanessa.

However, Emma is not Christine’s favourite. They crossed paths before when Emma, a former Sports Illustrated model turned entrepreneur, dated Christine’s ex while she was apparently still with him.

The issues around the timing of the relationship is a bone of contention, and Christine is still in her feelings about the betrayal.

In the meantime, Heather is desperate to set Chrishell up with someone, but, after buying her dream home, she isn’t keen on rushing into anything.

Davina, who left the company, returns, but she has to toe the line this time. And, in so doing, she finds herself at odds with Christine, who tests her loyalty with a barefaced lie.

Mary Fitzgerald, Vanessa Villela, Chrishell Stause and Emma Hernan in a scene from season four. Picture: Patrick Wymore/Netflix

Mary has gone from hurt to furious with Christine, especially when she isn’t invited to the baby shower and her gifts are rejected. The showdown between the two is something else.

And in case you are wondering about that blossoming romance between Chrishell and Jason, well, if the teaser at the end is anything to go by, that is coming in season five.

New characters, old beef and plenty of “Mean Girls” drama, what’s not to love about the new season of “Selling Sunset”.

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