The cast of 'Succession'. Picture: Supplied
The cast of 'Succession'. Picture: Supplied

'Succession' is back on Showmax after a two year absence

By Buhle Mbonambi Time of article published Oct 17, 2021

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“Succession” is a riveting mix of wealth, a manipulative father, and sibling rivalry.

Ah the Roy’s! They are possibly the most polarizing family on TV.

They are fabulously wealthy and yet they are so miserable.

Externally they try their best to present a united front, however internally, it’s all out war.

And we love it!

Listen, sibling rivalry will always be something we can relate to.

Now add a toxic and unhinged father who chooses to play his children off against each other, then it’s even more riveting to watch.

After an explosive end to “Succession’s” second season, the third season will explore the aftermath of Kendall Roy’s decision to publicly air allegations of wrongdoing in the family firm.

At the “Succession” premiere party this week, Brain Cox, who plays the patriarch, Logan Roy, told Reuters that the third season begins immediately after the press conference.

“It’s almost continuous from where we left off in season two,” said Cox.

“That means that the potential is enormous, but also at the same time that the road is precise.”

“Succession” returns to South African screens a mere few hours after its debut on HBO.

The third season will be streaming on Showmax from Monday, October 18, 2021.

Here’s where we left our problematic faves and what to expect from them this season.


Kendall Roy. Picture: Supplied

After a season where he was walking around like a puppy with its tail between its legs, Kendall ended the season with a bang after finally growing some cojones and sticking it to his father.

After the senate hearing into the cruise ship scandal that has engulfed Waystar Royco, Logan urges Kendall to take the fall and admit to wrongdoing.

You know, to protect the family. Instead Kendall chooses himself and goes for the jugular, hosting a press conference and telling the assembled media that his father was a “malignant presence, bully, and a liar” who was well-aware of the cruise ship scandal the entire time.

"My father's reign ends today” were the chilling words he closed his speech with.

But does Kendall have the upperhand in all this? Remember, Logan is the only one who knows that Kendall killed somebody during Shiv’s wedding in season 1. That will likely come into play this season.


Logan Roy. Picture: Supplied

He has enjoyed making his children vie for his approval and uses his power to whip them into shape, and go along with what he wants.

He chooses Kendall to be the one to take the blame for the company scandal, which is awful.

But when Kendall goes rogue, it may have been a moment of pride and also of fear- is Kendall the chosen one, is what he is likely thinking about the betrayal.

Do you recall Logan’s faint smirk as he watched Kendall’s press conference to betray him on television? Did he ever think that Kendall would turn on him?


Tom Wambsgams and Shiv Roy. Picture: Supplied

The political mastermind has been flirting with returning to the family business for some time and now that she has, Shiv realises just how toxic it really is.

She constantly has to prove herself to her father and everyone in the company, while also trying to keep her marriage afloat.

In order to stay in her father’s favour, she is very instrumental in the decision to make Kendall take responsibility for the cruise ship scandal.

Season 2 also saw her and Tom have the most honest conversation about their marriage, which I truly hope survives.

Now that she knows what Kendall has done, will she choose to side with him or her father?

Or will she finally choose her happiness by going back to politics and making sure her marriage is a success?


Roman Roy and Gerri on “Succession” season 3. Picture: Supplied

Think of the term ‘man child’ and Roman immediately comes to mind.

The second season saw him continue to wreck havoc as an incompetent and spoilt kid who has entitlement issues (and a crush on his father’s long term business associate, Gerri?).

The season saw him survive a hostage situation in Turkey and he even surprised us by being honest by sharing his fears about the reservations he has about signing with the new shareholders.

Now with season 3, which side will he choose? Logan or his brother? And will he and Gerri get it on?

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