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Thursday, June 30, 2022

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Thobile bares her claws and LaConco is done with the constant interrogation on 'RHODurban'

Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco’s face said it all when Annie Mthembu confronted her about Petal. Picture: Showmax

Nonkanyiso “LaConco” Conco’s face said it all when Annie Mthembu confronted her about Petal. Picture: Showmax

Published Apr 9, 2022


Forget all my grumbles about a meh first season of “The Real Housewives of Durban”.

The ladies are not just keeping receipts this season, they are bringing the heat by calling out their co-stars.

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You would think everyone learned their lesson after that girl’s trip gone wrong sho’t left to Nambiti Hills Private Game Reserve.

Shame, I felt for host Londie London having to pander to all these demanding and worn-out divas.

Just as emotions were reduced to a calmer level, more upsets have surfaced in the latest instalments. Let’s just say the reunion episode is one you don’t want to miss!

One of the biggest upsets has been Londie flat-out calling Nonku Williams a drunk. And although Jojo and Sorisha have apologised to Nonku for their part in the “intervention”, Londie was not co-signing any kumbaya nonsense.

Meanwhile, Jojo was still riled up by the “confession game”, where someone picked on her being with an old man. She immediately suspected Mabusi Seme and decided to call her out on it, privately.

The meeting went south fast, more so when Jojo revealed she was the one that asked whether Mabusi’s designer bags were real.

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Londie London felt the wrath of Jojo Robinson at her Jochella event. Picture: Showmax

Mabusi walked off and, honestly, she had every right to. Jojo’s entitlement was next level and downright offensive. That Jojo was being a hypocrite didn’t help matters any.

Mabusi wasn’t the only one who faced Jojo’s wrath - Londie got an earful when she explained she was not ready to perform at her Jochella event.

If Jojo could have breathed fire on her, she probably would have.

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The other elephant in the room has been LaConco’s mysterious man - “Petal”. In the previous episode, she rocked up at Annie’s place to show her how to make Umqombothi, in his ride.

While shooting the breeze, LaConco called her out about the chatter in the group that she sent the gorgeous bouquet of flowers to herself. LaConco is a private person. She only opens up to certain people - Sorisha being one of them. She didn’t take too kindly to idle gossip.

So when Annie announced another girl’s trip - this time to Sun City - everyone was excited. Of course, drama followed them to the getaway.

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This time, Sorisha invited everyone to split the private plane bill - only Jojo and Annie took her up on the offer. The rest of them drove.

Not long after settling in, Nonku enjoyed a heart-to-heart with Sorisha where she, in her vulnerable state, confessed to wanting to end it all. She admitted to being lonely and exhausted.

Nonku Williams in a rare moment of vulnerability with Sorisha Naidoo. Picture: Showmax

Later on, Londie broached the subject of Thobile “MaKhumalo” Mseleku’s being very distant in the group. That’s when the claws came out and she hit back to say that she speaks when she has something to say.

And Jojo, who is just as much of a shit-stirrer as Annie, decided to share some information on “Petal”. She insinuated that he wasn’t as wealthy as LaConco had them believe, he didn’t own a yacht and he worked for someone (not himself).

Oh, there was also something about him being in the market for a room-mate.

So when Annie attempted to corner LaConco into a confession and it went pear-shaped, she told a horrfied Jojo.

Now if the teaser of next Friday’s episode is anything to go by, things are about to get hella spicy with a catfight on the cards. Eish!

“The Real Housewives of Durban” season 2 is streaming on Showmax with the next episode dropping on Friday.

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