Walt Disney would have been really envious of The Simpsons’ success. The grandfather of animation may have churned out memorable characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, but you can’t deny the power of Bart Simpson.

In fact, The Simpsons further show how free the media in the US is because the show is not about fluff satire, but handles matters of a sensitive matter. From the US president to al-Qaeda, no one is spared in the themes the animated show covers.

This explains why, like few other existing shows, The Simpsons is in its 25th season this year. Yes, Bart and company return to your screens with more laughs.

(SPOILER ALERT) The show has started airing in the US and so let’s see what we can look forward to. Homer gets rid of his Mapple stock so that he can buy a bowling ball. Please note: Mapple is a fictional company that was founded by a fictional man called Steve Mobbs. The company’s line of business is selling high end Mapple computers.

They also make other devices including MyPhones, MyPads and MyPods, which Lisa owns. You can already see how the minds of the producers work on this one.

It only gets better. In the upcoming episode Four Regrettings and a Funeral (no points for guessing what inspired that title), Marge (Bart’s mom) blames herself and the rock band Kiss for her son’s rebelliousness.

Lisa makes her mark by becoming a cheerleader for Springfield’s football team.

There is also an unlikely scenario in which Homer helps to deliver a baby. You know that would be a traumatic experience for him. It will be interesting to see how he deals with that sticky situation.

Just like with any other show, to stay relevant, The Simpsons also brings in real-life characters like Stan Lee, Eva Longoria and Daniel Radcliffe among others.

We won’t go into which characters will fall off this season, but expect some drastic changes on the line-up. Don’t be too alarmed because change is always good and this move will be good for the longevity of the show.

While the purists want to keep kids away from this great show, they forget that the reason The Simpsons has made it this far is because it mirrors American society and the world as a whole. Look at Bart, he may be a troublesome kid but he’s just doing what the American kids already do.

However, there are good aspects that come out of the series that you won’t see on any other show. It may come across as confrontational and seeking to stir up controversy, but if you look closely, it’s preaching just the opposite. No matter how wild Bart is, he is not going to buy rounds of ammunition and shoot at his school, as several American kids have done. So while the producers push the bar, they still have some responsibility to their audiences.

• The Simpsons airs every Tuesday at 5pm on Vuzu (DStv channel 116).