Corne Krige
Corne Krige
Mark Fish
Mark Fish

It’s been three years since the local version of Survivor graced our small screens, with talk among industry pundits being that the show had lost its appeal and been relegated to the “bin it!” box.

But as this latest instalment is set to prove, there’s something to be said for biding one’s time, rather than rushing to churn out annual season after annual season.

The introduction of established sports icons as tribal leaders will undoubtedly add extra “oomph” to the show’s tried-and-tested format, as will the “let’s get stuck straight into the action” approach we already witnessed in last night’s premiere episode.

Couple that with what promises to be top-notch production quality, and this new season of Survivor is already well on its way to out- wit, outlast and outplay its predecessors…



On describing the South China Sea locale: “This is like Sandton!”

Um, ja. Except that there is no beach in Sandton. Or a sea. Or all manner of tropical creepy crawlies crowding into your swimming shorts.

Featured flasher

Okay Zan, we get it: you have a buff bod. But you’re already reaching “over-exposure” status – and we’re only one episode in. Put it away. And while you’re at it – pull up your jean pant!

Tootsie talk

“There’s quite a big guy with blond hair to one side? He looks like he could be on Baywatch or something (giggle, giggle).”

Ah, Shona. Seems you’re the only one who has yet to realise the Adonis you’re drooling over (Zavion) prefers the objects of his affection to be rather more… flat-chested.



“Zavion obviously thinks because of his bulk, he’s the leader…”

As a professional firefighter, aren’t you meant to be putting out flames, rather than fanning them, Philip?

Keeping up with Krige

True to his reputation as one of the most aggressive players to make (and captain) the Springbok squad, Corne showed his steely side when he defeated Mark in the rice-bag contest and leapt ahead in the initial stages of the immunity challenge.

Pity none on his team had a particularly strong throwing arm, which ultimately led to Selatan’s defeat.

Fly Fish(ing)


On why he selected as many females of our species as possible for his tribe:

“Women tend to be a lot stronger. They tend to go on…”

Who run the world (Girls)… R-e-s-p-e-c-t right back at ya, Marky Mark!

Special mention

If there is one lesson to be learnt from the show’s more than 15-year history, it’s that those who lay low are less likely to attract attention. And if you’re less likely to attract attention, you’re less likely to be picked off come tribal council.

Clearly, Solly missed this Survivor 1-0-1 memo: between his self-proclaimed status as a “captain” and his equally conceited declarations that “I knew straight- away I’d be the first one to be picked”, the sports manager is headed straight for Exile Central.


• Survivor South Africa: Champions airs Sunday on M-Net at 5.30pm.