Kershnee Govender and Yolisa Phahle at the MNet studios. Tonight. 250314. Picture: Chris Collingridge 259

It’s been their preferred catchphrase, and this week Shane and Marian were finally on the receiv- ing end of it: a blindside of epic proportions.

Despite his continued conniving, (professing to have had an idol stolen – which he initially proclaimed not to possess – when he still had it in his custody? Seriously, how low can this man go?) snake-in-the-grass Shane was poisoned by his own noxious venom.

And what sweet justice that, due to her opting to play the immunity idol on his behalf (which Shane had handed to her only moments before – we know, it gets confusing), it was Marian who walked the plank instead. Cue evil cackling…


That’s it, I’m officially adopting the nickname that Shona coined for you: from here on out you shall be referred to as Flipper!

So you “sussed them all out” and “you’re not interested” (in siding with the former Utara, that is), because “they’re fighting against thunder”, are they? Well best you learn the art of diplomacy – and hey, perhaps even a little loyalty – because you may think you’re playing the game (as you’re so fond of repeating. Ad nauseum), but at this rate the game will soon be playing you.


This category may be titled “tootsie talk”, though there was nothing silly about Solly’s observation. But what an amusing turn of phrase: he hit the nail on the head when he described Shane and Marian’s double play as one which “made people scratch where they didn’t itch, and made people laugh when they weren’t tickled”.

Seems you, too, have more grey matter hidden underneath all that muscle, Mr Mathiba.


We saw the shock on your face when you realised there were so many votes against you, Graham. But if all goes horribly awry and you do find yourself booted out soon, rest assured that perfectly proportioned torso of yours (which you so generously put on full display for us this week) is sure to pave a path for you in the modelling world.


Ah Marian, here you are yet again. Declaring that “Buhle, Vela and Solly are so dumb” was a new level of vileness, even for the likes of you, and just to add to your classy comportment, every second word spilling from your mouth rhymed with “muck”. Your mother must be so proud.


We love the fact that Corne is still so supportive of his old Selatan tribe, and even though the players may not be privy to his sideline “egging on”, it’s touching to see that Corne remains so invested in their success.


If his Utara tribe (read: Shane and Marian) believed that Mark’s decision to distance himself from the politics on the island somehow meant he wasn’t aware of it, they should have paid closer attention to his opening words as their captain.

Honesty and respect are fundamental in Fish’s book and he put his money where his mouth is when he offered Buhle, not sidekick Shane, the power of salvation.


He’s one of my top three favourites to claim the title of Ultimate Survivor, not least because, garn darn it, he’s just such an amiable guy. But Zav my boy, Corne is correct on this one: You may have “put a massive stake in the ground” by winning the first individual immunity, which, given that it required serious mind work, proved that you’ve got brains as well as brawn. But in so doing you have indeed also “put a big mark on your back”.

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