The Assence of education

Adult film star Sasha Grey

Adult film star Sasha Grey

Published Feb 9, 2012


An adult film star who had hoped to “expose” American children to the joys of reading has lashed out at an opportunistic porn company’s attempt to muscle in on her initiative.

Sasha Grey claims she had nothing to do with the “pathetic” company, who promised to donate the proceeds of their movie “Anal Artists” to the Read Across America drive. According to gossip site TMZ, Grey insists that the company, Assence Films, is trying “to capitalize on Read Across America, controversy, and my name”.

She claims Assence is attempting to “re-package and re-sell an outdated, previously-available scene by touting it as one of my last scenes”. Grey also told TMZ that she didn’t know which was worse... “the fact that people are now misled to believe I’m personally selling this movie with salacious marketing, or the fact that the [National Education Association] won’t take donations from this pathetic company.

“There’s little money for education in this beautiful country, and as a pro-education advocate, it’s heartbreaking to hear this.”

Grey, who won a Best Oral Sex Award for her role in the curiously titled ‘Throat: A Cautionary Tale’, joined the Read Across America drive in November last year at a school in California. That school has since shut down its program, says Grey, because of “one lone disgruntled fan who harassed my parents, the school district, the media and me, for my involvement in such an important program”.

Read Across America is an annual initiative aimed at getting children from every community to read on March 2, the birthdate of legendary ‘Cat in the Hat’ author Dr Seuss, as well as providing children and parents with the materials they need to keep the little ones interested in books throughout the year. Many celebrities, including Taylor Swift and Zac Efron, have pledged their star appeal to the cause. IOL

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