New York, New York. If she could make it out of a relationship with Public Enemy hypeman Flava Flav, she can make it anywhere.

That’s what New York has been trying to do with her life since she was introduced to the mainstream TV-loving audience as one of the OTT women vying for Flava Flav’s attention in The Flava of Love.

Since then, the woman whose real name is Tiffany Pollard has had not one, but three spin-off TV shows: I Love New York (two seasons), New York Goes to Hollywood and the latest, New York Goes to Work which airs on TopTV’s Star! channel.

In the latter, New York is challenged by her fans to take on several jobs – from being a boxer to a cowboy and a firefighter – for a day.

But she’s not the only one who seems to have the Midas touch when it comes to the small screen. There are loads of them, from The Pauly D Project to Famous Food.

As you may have heard, Jersey Shore’s Snookie, who is a new mom and a real-life orange smurf (I’m kidding), has a spin-off reality show coming up – Snookie and JWoww. Yawn. Not everyone can go the Omarosa route. You know, when she was saving the life of now-dead actor Michael Clarke Duncan by CPR, she did actually have a paying job.

The woman you first encountered as a tough cookie on The Apprentice went on to feature in about 20 reality shows including Fear Factor, Celebrity Apprentice and The Surreal Life. She’s probably most noted for creating her own show with Trump, The Ultimate Merger. Can’t say all reality show stars are stupid even though they sometimes pretend to be, now can you? The Kardashian clan is proof of that.

There are rumours of a Kanye West and Kim Kardashian spin-off from Keeping Up With the Kardashians coming up. But honestly, who cares?

I’d rather see what former original Love and Hip Hop castmates, Emily B and Chrissy, are going to come up with. Rumour has it, the latter and her fiancé, rapper Jim Jones, have a “da-ra-ma” show called Chrissy and Mr Jones starting in the US this month. We can’t wait.

• New York Goes to Work airs on Star! (TopTV channel 179) on Saturdays at 3pm.