EXPERIENCE is a useful tool when performing in front of a critical Randall Abrahams, a no-nonsense Gareth Cliff and a let-them-down-easy Unathi Msengana.

Andiswa Yohane, 22, walked in determined to serenade them into a positive result – and she did.

A student at UCT, doing her BA in drama and English (majoring in law), Yohane says: “I’m a very hip person. I like adventure, trying something new, and I love music. I’ve always been involved in music.”

And she has had a foot in the industry since 2007 when she was part of the Artscape’s Youth Jazz Band. Also au fait with the Township Music Education for Children and Youth organisation, Yohane performed with The Rudimentals during the 2010 World Cup and has been freelancing with a few bands.

Her reasoning behind auditioning for Idols was born out of sentimentality.

“My paternal grandmother is 93 and she has always heard that I sing, but has never really heard or watched me on stage. I thought I would enter Idols and have her witness her grandchild on screen. I feel that this is the time she should see me,” Yohane shares.

Her song of choice was Jennifer Hudson’s One Night Only from the Dreamgirls soundtrack.

“I knew it would complement my voice and I know that song very well,” she explains.

Thankfully, all three judges concurred and, wait for it, Abrahams even gave her a standing ovation. Shock, horror, gasp!


If you want to curry favour with the judges, taking the audition process seriously is crucial.

That point somehow escaped cross-dresser Jaun Neehuis.

The 25-year-old unemployed hopeful from Grassy Park defends: “I’m outgoing. I love meeting people and following new fashion trends.”

While he might keep abreast of what is hot on the catwalk, his fashion sensibilities rested more comfortably in the “victim” realm. That ghastly ensemble with those red wedges validate my point.

And that nasally voice certainly didn’t do him any favours. Shame!

Explaining his wardrobe on the day, Neehuis says: “I just thought I would be myself and maybe go through.”

Feeling competent about his karaoke attempts at a small local pub, Neehuis was spurred on to enter.

“I chose The Cranberries’ Zombie – it is one of my favourites. It speaks about violence,” he explained.

The judges, however, didn’t mask their displeasure.

“Unathi and Gareth were very nice. Randall was just being his sarcastic self,” Neehuis admits.

If the judges thought they had seen the last of Neehuis, they are sadly mistaken. He is going to give next year’s auditions one last shot.

Hmm, maybe he might fare better in his other passion – acting. I wonder if Class Act will be visiting his neck of the woods soon, lol!

• Idols airs on M-Net (DStv channel 101) and Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 107) on Sunday at 5.30pm.