Summer Bishil as Margo in 'The Magicians'. Picture: Supplied
Summer Bishil as Margo in 'The Magicians'. Picture: Supplied

'The Magicians' star Summer Bishil talks about the future of Margo

By Jamal Grootboom Time of article published Apr 2, 2019

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Described as Harry Potter for adults, "The Magicians" has been a roaring success among fans of supernatural television shows. 

Revolving around six magicians, we follow  Quentin(Jason Ralph), Margo(Summer Bishil), Eliot(Hale Appleman), Penny( Arjun Gupta), Alice(Olivia Taylor Dudley) and Julia(Stella Maeve) as they navigate the magical world they inhabit. 

When we kick off the fourth season our protagonists quickly regaining their identities and aiding the monster in the hopes of saving Eliot and finding a way to usurp The Library from the totalitarian abuse of power when it comes to magic use. 

Streaming on Showmax, South African fans are able to enjoy the show express form the USA. We spoke to Summer Bishil about why the show has been such a success, how this adaptation differs from the books and the future for Margo. 

Speaking on why the show has been so successful, Bishil says that she thinks the reason is due to the huge ensemble cast. In "The Magicians", each character has different storylines that come together into the big overarching story. 

Fans of the books were initially apprehensive as to how the show creators would adapt the book series by Lev Grossman. In the four seasons, the show has integrated several different story arcs from the books. Speaking on why she thinks the fans have taken to this approach by the writers. Bishil says that the large impact is due to the screenwriters taking liberties and not being afraid to take risks. And in the long term, it paid off with the show going strong for four seasons and being renewed for its fifth season. 

Summer’s character Margo has had one of the biggest character arcs in the show. Going from being a very cold and distant person to someone who cares for her friends and subjects as the High King of Fillory. Bishil thinks that through her character she has been able to show that women don't have to ashamed of how they are viewed.  And when they want to achieve something they must go for it and not be seen as greedy or power hunger. Instead to be viewed as being driven.

As an actress Bishil has played the fiery magician and High King of Filory for four seasons and talking about what it’s been like. She says: “It’s amazing. I’ve been challenged and it’s been interesting and exciting." Adding that executive producer John McNamara has given her a lot to work with. 

The fourth season of the show is near its end and Margo has been doing a lot to keep her kingdom going. Speaking on the future of Margo Bishil says, "I think whether or not she has her crown, she will do everything in her power to help the inhabitants of Fillory." Further stating that Margo will do anything in her power to save Eliot from the monster. 

When it comes to queer representation "The Magicians" has been very progressive with Elliot being bisexual and Quentin being pansexual. Talking about this Bishil says, "It’s a great thing to see and people who are in our everyday lives are visible on the screen."  Saying that her favourite relationship on the show is between Quentin and Elliot. 

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