Move over Kardashians, we have our own home-brewed reality show coming to our screens. After the success of Dineo Ranaka’s Dineo’s Diary, she invites you to see her entire family and understand how they all function in the new reality series, The Ranakas.

We are talking Mom, Dad, Manaka, Mpumi, Ziggy, Ranaka and Dineo herself. We caught up with the eldest sibling, sister Manaka, who shared what you can expect.

“It was very brave for my sister to let the public into her life in the first place with Dineo’s Diary. I think it being called Dineo’s Diary was about her and we supported her as a family. In the last two seasons, I wasn’t in the show as much because I thought that I couldn’t be the only sibling appearing when we have others who could be featured,” she said.

While the final product is only now reaching fruition, the idea has been in the works for years, but there was a need to plan extensively first.

“It all started as an idea a while back in the second or so season of Dineo’s Diary and I am glad that we have pulled it off. The public have even speculated about our whole family having a show of our own. I am more excited that we are the first family to do it in South Africa, if not on the continent. I am super proud,” explained Manaka.

While it is understandable that Manaka and her siblings could easily pull off a reality series, it is baffling that they convinced their parents to be part of it.

“I don’t think it is, but only thanks to the fact that they love to support their kids. They found themselves being featured everywhere. So I think it is about time that this country gets a show that they can relate to. Not everyone has the Kardashians’ money, and we don’t, believe me, but it is nice for others to relate to our stories and I love this show for that. Not only are we going to be tackling family issues, but there are a lot of families that are going to be seeing themselves in us,” said Manaka.

“We are also shining a light on single parenthood. Showing its challenges and triumphs, but also looking at the challenges faced by those who were raised by both parents. It’s even more dangerous to have both parents because you have to get permission twice,” she added.

The timing could not be more perfect to have The Ranakas because we have been fully introduced to all the members of the family on Dineo’s Diary.

“My busy schedule at Generations kept me away from Dineo’s Diary in the last two seasons. I believe God’s timing is always on point. Instead of me going back to the reality show, my acting job kept me busy so the viewers also got to learn about my other siblings, Mpumi, Ziggy and Ranaka,” said Manaka.

Having your family air their dirty laundry on national TV comes with the risk of exposure to foul-mouthed critics. This concerns Manaka.

“I am just praying that my mom and my dad can handle this because it is about to get rough. You know how Twitter is: people can be extremely judgemental. My mom is on social media, but Daddy isn’t. However, they got the best training on Dineo’s Diary. It is also a chance for them to earn something. My dad wasn’t featured much back then, but here he’ll be there in full force. You are going to see him with teeth and without them,” she said. Looking at the siblings who are less famous, Manaka spoke about how each of them will adapt to being on The Ranakas.

“Mpumi is extremely nervous. She is from a different world of aviation, but we are guiding her. Mzingisi (Ziggy) was on Dineo’s Diary so he is cool and Ranaka is a DJ so he is used to attention. I’m sure we’ll be fine.”


• Catch The Ranakas from January 12, at 8pm on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161).