This Is Us - a new dramedy soon to air on M-net (March 28), tackles real life issues like race, obesity, job satisfaction and alcoholism.

With the variety of television shows around, we often chose to watch a particular show to satisfy a specific TV craving we may have.

It’s often rare to find a series that offers you the whole shebang - taking your emotions on a complete roller-coaster ride, leaving you so god-smacked that you can’t help but watch episode after episode.

The next thing you know, it’s 3am and you’re still glued to your TV screen.

What’s so special about  This Is Us - a new dramedy soon to air on M-net (March 28), is that it tackles real life issues like race, obesity, job satisfaction and alcoholism, to name a few.

And while doing so, offers comedy, drama, intrigue, an element of surprise and moments that leave you crying so hard, you need a box of Kleenex.

This Is Us ticks all the boxes of being a great drama series, and so, rightfully deserved to win the three Golden Globes it was nominated for.

In the series, screenwriter Dan Fogelman, methodically weaves four seemingly unrelated stories into a believable and emotional whole through detailed relatable moments, conversations and confrontations that are funny, tender and sometimes extremely painful.

This Is Us boasts a stalla cast which includes Milo Ventimiglia as Jack, Mandy Moore as Rebecca, Chrissy Metz as Kate, Justin Hartely as Kevin and Sterling K Brown as Randall, among others.

The first episode, although seemly slow, creates a bases on which the storyline unfolds.

The characters lives intertwined, from sharing the same birthday, to so much more.

Throughout the series, the lives of Rebecca, Jack and their three children - Kevin, Kate and Randall - are presented at different points in time.

The Rebecca and Jack stories take place during the early stage of their marriage, surrounding the birth of the three children, or at different phases of the children's upbringing, which was not always smooth sailing for any of them.

What follows next are separate stories concerning Kate, Kevin and Randall while in their adult years, each who has their own baggage stemming from their upbringing and childhood.

In each passing episode character storylines deepen.

Kate deals with being over-weight, Kevin has issues with being neglected and being in an unsatisfying job and Randall deals with being the outsider in the family.

The story shows us the emotional ties that exist even if you aren’t related, but still consider yourself a family.  

This series promises to challenge your everyday presumptions about the people you think you know.

To reveal any more would ruin one of the best television shows in recent history.

* Catch This Is Us from May 29 on M-net at 7.30pm.