Dalphin and Zanaib

Call me too suspicious, but what was up with the Downville Nigerian contestant’s opting out of the competition? Ola, who is built like an ox, claimed to have health issues and thought it best to leave.

Since it is a game of pairs this year, that meant him leaving with his partner, Chris. Now, having been in the house, I know there are medical facilities that they can offer you, save for heart transplants and chemotherapy.

My theory is that everyone has been watching Nigeria closely over the years and this was the year that the country would lose, or at least we hoped so. With the pair gone it means that Goldie, from Upville, is the only chance the winning country will have. Someone somewhere is not telling the complete story. Ola got ill. Please.


The “evil” machine has done it again. The two new countries, Liberia and Sierra Leone, had just got comfortable when the lot fell on them to be the next up for eviction. So we had IK call out Liberia’s Yadel and Luke alongside Dalphin and Zanaib to hear their fate.

Only Zanaib escaped the chop and she was moved to the celeb mecca, Upville, where she became an instant hit with the guys. Interestingly, she was the same girl who was asking Big Brother out on a date in the early days, and by the way things are going, perhaps Biggie took her seriously and it is all working for her.


Never in the history of the show have I seen a contestant get unanimously hated by her own country of origin the way Maneta is frowned upon by Zimbabwe. She and the evicted sister, Teclar, are a far cry from where Vimbai, Wendal and Munya were in the game. Maneta, though attractive, comes across as too aware and in turn she expects some sort of medal for her looks. After divulging her sister’s inner secrets, she is now on country-mate Roki’s case.

All comments that come from the people who are supposed to be supporting her are negative and it will be no surprise if she is evicted soon.


Yadel: We just got here and we are already leaving, it is really sad. I don’t like that machine at all.

Luke: If the nominations were going to be based on votes and not the machine, then I would still be in the house. I am a people’s person.

Dalphin: Though I am sad to be leaving, at least there is a part of me that is still in the game. I wish Zanaib all the best.


Ten bucks says Maneta is leaving us this week. So far Mampi may be leading the lot, but she isn’t half as annoying as the Zimbabwean. Lady needs to calm down because her time is up. She is too over the top, if you ask me.