South Africa’s hope, Barbz, was kicked off the show last Sunday and many fans were heartbroken.

It’s day 53 and 14 peeps are left in the house. The potential winner of the $300 000 is among them, but can you tell who it will be?

Roki had a good chance, but he broke the rules and was disqualified. Zanaib, too, could easily have been a favourite but, just like Roki, she gave in to her emotions and instigated a fight that saw her sent away. But at least she had a song of apology written for her.

So looking into the house methinks SA’s Luclay’s cries last year will be heard through Keegan when he scoops it this year. They did it for Big Brother Africa All Stars runner-up Munya Chidzonga in 2010. While he was the popular contestant, he lost and the next year his countryman, Wendall Parson, who was as entertaining as a British royal guard, took the money – much to his and everyone else’s surprise. If it is not Keegan then it will probably be Lady May.

As much as I dislike her, her strange nature seems to draw many viewers to her. Everyone else will win only if they offer an extra prize.


The nomination part of the show makes you want to say nothing more than “eish”. Whether it is the voluntary one in Upville, or the lottery one in Downville, surprises are always plentiful.

The lottery group had it easy because no one had to deal with the issues of guilt like the members of Upville did. After not saving Barbz, Goldie cried out as she felt guilty for sacking a friend.

Meanwhile in Downville, Malawi and Zambia’s representatives, Nafe, Wati, Tamara and Talia, all drink, eat and sleep without ease as some of them are surely going home come Sunday. You have to love how they all bid everyone farewell just in case they go. Meanwhile, we all know what’s going on in their minds.


Prezzo remains the epicentre of Goldie’s world. She is in love, but we all know he’s been playing her since they met.

The others are still trying to figure out whom to hook up with. So if they are not boozing it up, they are just lying about in the scarce winter sun like lizards.

It was a pleasant surprise to have them visited by Darth Vader and the mum panda while they had dinner. The point of it all? We’ll never know, but it was really funny.


Not that I am saying we are bored to death, but this show must come to an end now. Even the esteemed World Cup did not run for three months.

We are all curious as to who will win, but I am sure Big Brother will leave us hanging once again.

Come Sunday it looks like only one person will be safe and my money is on Talia.

Three more sleeps and we’ll know.