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South Africa’s thriving entertainment industry rarely has celebrity couples to speak of. After Melanie and Zwai Bala or Thomas and Unathi Msengana, you are pretty much done.

Well, until you bump into the royalty of cool, comedian and actor Tol A$$ Mo and the love of his life, fashionista Mome Nale.

After dating for three years in the public eye, this couple become the first celebrity pair to bring us a reality show. Titled MoLove, the show replaces Dineo’s Diary.

“Sorry, can you please call us back in an hour? We are at Makro buying things for our wedding,” said Nale when I first called. I redialled an hour later and the pair were driving to another destination.

“We are planning to have a wedding soon, so we are doing the runaround,” said the bride-to-be. I asked about MoLove and whether it would also cover the wedding.

“It is basically our love story on tape. We are showing people how to to make it work,” said Tol A$$ Mo.

He said the tagline for the show is “Making it Work” and they will be giving pointers on how to do that.

“Many people in this industry hide who they are romantically attached to and we are not about that. I always say, if you are happy, why hide it?” said Nale.

MoLove will focus only on the couple as they navigate their way through the cut-throat enter-tainment industry.

“You don’t get to see a lot of our families. We want people to know how we make it work, so we don’t want to drag others into it. The only time you’ll see our families is when we show the wedding episode,” said Tol A$$ Mo.

Being the true gentleman, the comedian lets his girl lead the way in the relationship and he feels she does a good job of it.

“Many people think that when I am with Mome, she is following me, but it is actually the other way around. When she goes for casting or is shooting commercials I have to make the calls to discuss the terms, make sure she is there on time and see that her dietary requirements are met. Likewise when I am shooting LOL or LNN, she comes to support me. And we want to share that with the world,” he said.

Mome said that when they met she asked him if she could change his look and he agreed. So all you see in him today is a style she instilled in him and it works for them. Some people believe that singer Toya DeLazy’s style was influenced by this couple, but few know there is a lot of truth to this notion.

“When Toya first came to Joburg we taught her the look. But I wasn’t happy about the money and so I stopped,” said Mome.

Unlike other people who pitch shows to channels, the couple said M-Net approached them with the idea. After their success with the docu-reality Cream Cartel it was no surprise that they’d be on TV again.

“The channel had a lot of choices when it came to couples they could use, but they were cool with us. They wanted to show an interesting and often misunderstood celebrity couple,” said Tol A$$ Mo.

• MoLove, Wednesdays on Vuzu (DStv channel 116) at 7.30pm.