‘After Jam Alley I decided to slow down a bit,” said presenter and musician Twasa. “I thought it best to keep a low profile and rethink my life. I switched on to ‘planning-mode’ and took my time to decide what I wanted to do,” she added.

When her mind had cleared and the media seemed to have given her breathing room, the dynamite celebrity decided to study.

“I feel as celebrities we always preach the word of how we dropped out and became celebrities and succeeded.

“I think that is not the right message to give to a young mind so I am in school studying for a diploma in marketing so that my message can change to dropping in and not out of school,” she explained.

But if you are a star, you are a star and so it was only a matter of time before the industry came calling again.

If you missed her on Jam Alley, you will be happy to know that the lively presenter is back on TV, only on something much calmer, a music show called TG 10 on ONE Gospel.

“Actually the people from ONE Gospel called me the moment I left Jam Alley and asked me to present the show. I had some contractual obligations at the time ,which they even offered to assist me to get out of. But I took my time and when I was ready we got the show up and running,” she explained.

She said the show took viewers on a musical journey with themed episodes.

“We can have something like hip hop, families that sing and that sort of thing. Every episode has a story. We also explore things like achievers, scandals, family issues and divorces. We are pretty hardcore for a gospel show,” she said.

She is enjoying the short working hours, the sense of family she gets from the ONE Gospel team and being allowed to be herself on the show.

Then there is the music side to her which she also can’t let go. Her debut album was a great sounding hip hop/kwaito compilation in which she showed her creative genius.

She is planning to do yet another one this year. “I have already started doing some writing and recording and soon you will be hearing my first single.

“I know people are probably expecting another gospel album but I am not really going in that direction.

“Instead I intend to release a secular album because I have a target market that I am looking for. Also, there are certain doors that secular music opens that gospel doesn’t and so I am recording with that in mind,” she said.

• TG 10 airs every Monday at 7pm on ONE Gospel (Channel 331).