Cast of iKhaya. Picture: Supplied

Whether the saying "children will be punished for their parents' sins" is true or not, the statement was manifested in last night's episode of Mzansi Magic's local drama Ikhaya.

From the first episode, viewers were left wondering how Eddie's lies would catch up with him, having two families and neither of them had knowledge of the other.

And just as we thought, we've seen enough on last week’s episode when secrets were dropping like hot cakes; the show's producers served more drama as Eddie's daughter Mosima discovered that her newly found friend (Lindani)'s father is her father as well.

#iKhaya: Eddie' secret on the verge of coming out

As she runs out of the house, she's hit by a car - no one is sure who's car hit Mosima.

In the story, Mosima who goes to check up on Lindani at his home, who posted a suicide note on Facebook. Meanwhile, his sister had collapsed after what seems to be a drug overdose at a party. 

While some are anxious to know whether Eddie "killed" his own daughter as he was rushing home to try and save his son, others suggested that the local drama must air weekdays as they cannot wait for next week Monday to see what happened to all three children.

Here are some of the Twitter reactions after last night's action-packed episode:

I guess we must just wait and see what happens next week Monday.