Musa Mseleku and his four wives. Picture: Twitter

Last night's episode of Uthandonesthembu started off on a very high note with Musa Mseleku, when he closed off a restaurant to have a date with wife number four, MaNgwabe.

In season one Mzansi was introduced to Mseleku, the Durban based business man who opened up his doors for the world to learn a thing or two about one of the controversial subject polygamy.

Now viewers learned that Mseleku is a pastor, a healer, who prays for people to be free from spiritual bondage and be healed.

Mseleku took the viewers to the young man's home, who according to his family was very sick and after being prayed for by Pastor Mseleku, the young man received his healing.

Mseleku was called to another home where he found a sick 13 year old girl laying on the couch, she had to quit school due to her illness.

We all watched eagerly as Mseleku prayed for the sick teenage girl, burning incense, and candles, but Black Twitter was divided with the practice.

Some said Mseleku is mixing the Western with the African tradition, while others say there's nothing wrong with praying and speaking to the ancestors at the same time.

While the debate was getting heated, some had to drag Bushiri, the rich Malawian pastor who claims to heal people and perform miracles, saying he must watch out for Mseleku.