Vinolia Mashego

Munya Vomo

Late last year, veteran TV host Vinolia Mashego was in the news after divulging that her career had hit rock- bottom.

In an interview with Drum in September, V-Mash told of a star whose luck had run dry and how she wanted to get back to her first love, TV hosting. If you remember her amazing skills before the arrival of the Bonangs and Nonhles, then you’ll know the TV industry needs her.

Her wish has since been granted because V-Mash is back on Mzansi Magic Music, with a show called Pls Call Me. Before you write it off, you might want to know that it is a music request show with a difference and is set to change the way we consume music.

“It is a live show which has our viewer send a ‘please call me’ message to our supplied number. We then call them back and ask them which song they want us to play and we do just that,” said the bubbly V-Mash.

This show is a bit nerve-wracking for her because of its live aspect and given that she’s been out of the game for a while it dawned on her that she might need to prove herself again.

“When I go in front of the camera there is that awareness that the show is live, so yes, it gets a bit scary at first, but when I realise that this is a fun show where people who love music come to share their interests, I loosen up. It all takes some getting used to and I am happy that so far we have had a great show,” she said.

Having been out of broadcasting for a number of years, V-Mash agrees that TV has changed since she was on Jam Alley.

“Look, I am in my fifties now and of course a lot has happened to transform the TV landscape. I think TV has loosened up because in my day people had to work under strict instructions where you could not say certain things or speak in other languages unless instructed to do so. It was harsh, but I defied them then and spoke in Sotho, Zulu and tsotsitaal whenever I felt it applied. Today presenters do just that. From YoTV to Shiz Niz, those kids are doing as they please and that’s what TV needs; for presenters to be comfortable,” she said.

Outside Pls Call Me, V-Mash has plans that have “media mogul” written all over them.

“I am hoping to get a talk show that deals with sensitive subjects which the shows available will not touch. I am also considering writing a book,” she said.

Pls Call Me airs every Monday at 3pm on Mzansi Magic Music (DStv channel 321).