Gordon Ramsey playing playing 'Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts' on 'The Late Late Show'.Picture: Screengrab/YouTube

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay was in for a pound — in a for a penis while playing Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts on Tuesday's episode of The Late Late Show.

As the game goes, Ramsay and Cordon took turns asking each other questions. If you choose not to answer, you have to eat an item of the opponents choosing. Some of the items on the menu were chicken feet, grasshoppers, hot sauce, pickled pigs' feet juice, cow's tongue, and bull's penis.

The segment got interesting when the duo decided to start combining ingredients, and Ramsay was left with a mouthful of bull's penis marinated in hot sauce when he refused to say which celebrity he wouldn't want to revisit one of his restaurants. 

But as the saying goes, revenge is a dish best served cold, Corden was forced to eat grasshoppers marinated in clam juice when he refused to say whether he loved England or America more.

Watch the video below: