Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from the MTV reality series "Jersey Shore". REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

By now, everyone knows that Jersey Shore’s shortest orange human being, Snookie, is pregnant. The joke about her being due to give birth on December 21 this year – followed by a hat tip to the Mayans – has been doing the rounds.

But so has something else: whether there will be a spin-off reality show about the road to giving birth to a Mini-Snookie or what happens afterwards? Chances are there will definitely be one, since, let’s admit it, the world is obsessed with watching the often unbelievable lives of other people unfold on television.

If Snookie can have a potential new show in the works, why can’t any of the other minor characters (because, really, what else can we call them?) in reality shows have their own spin-off? The queen of these has to be New York. New Who? New York, ladies and gentlemen, the woman whose parents named her Tiffany Pollard and who was christened New York by Flava Flav while on his own quest to find love on a reality TV show.

Miss New York – the more dramatic of the, er, eccentric women who vied for Flava Flav’s attention – found that she had an audience who was willing to go to the ends of the Earth with her or at least to the end of a season.

So she hooked herself up with her own show, I Love New York. Here, she took on Flava Flav’s role and had unsavoury characters from all over America attempt to woo her (or not) into picking them as her knight in bling armour. Audience ratings for that went through the roof and VH1 felt that it was time to give New York something to do, not just someone to love. Enter New York Goes To Hollywood. This half-an-hour spin-off show will now be screened on Top TV’s Star! Channel this month.

Although the show is four years old, it’s still got plenty of nuggets of (unintentional) humour in it. In this show, New York decides to leave her mom and BFF and head out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. So, wait? All that time spent hugged up on Flava Flav and other not-so-good-looking men wasn’t New York displaying her finest acting skills? Needless to say, New York Goes To Hollywood presents some hardcore challenges for the woman who is loudly opinionated. But will she conquer the scene and the city?

• I Love New York New York airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 3pm. From July 4 New York Goes To Hollywood will replace it in the same days and time slot. Both shows are on Star! (Top TV Channel 179)