There's nothing funnier than hearing out-of-towners bungling every day South African lingo.

Conversely, as a country with 11 official languages, and a nation who express themselves with a vocab peppered with words and phrases that have crept in from all languages — regardless of our personal mother tongue — we have to give peeps cred for trying.

To mark the launch of season 2 (which dropped on the Netflix platform on 4 May), the cast of hit series Dear White People had a go at pronouncing and guessing the meaning of some of our our widely used local phrases.

The results, as you can imagine, are hilarious as cast members, Antoinette Robertson (Coco Conners), Logan Browining (Samantha White) and DeRon Horton (Lionel Higgins) — among others, select random words from a bowel and try to guess what “haibo” and “gatvol” mean, and how they’re used in a sentence.

Watch the video below.