David Rees
David Rees
Frank and Nikiwe from Isidingo
Frank and Nikiwe from Isidingo

It’s 2013 – and that means a blank canvas for our home-grown soapie writing teams. After taking a sneak peek at the plots being penned, Debashine Thangevelo predicts some thunderous power struggles where mudslinging will be par for the course, sunny romances – some leading to a trip down the aisle – melodramatic twists that will turn into a protracted overcast stretch and that’s not forgetting the torrential rain of deep, dark secrets…


TALK about weathering a fiery storm last year when two sets caught fire, resulting in damage amounting to millions of rand, bringing the soap to a grinding halt, with a mini-series version replacing it.

Despite rumours of the soap closing its doors – as recently hinted at in a celebrity gossip magazine – there is lots more life in SABC3’s Isidingo.

The year opens on a celebratory note with Cherel and Eddie tying the knot. This time around, it is a love marriage – perhaps it will last longer. Fourth time’s a charm, eh Cherel?

Meanwhile, Eddie’s daughter Charlie, still struggling to come to terms with her rape, decides to take matters into her own hands.

And if you are wondering where things stand with Frank and Nikiwe, well, he moves on with Beth while she (shock, horror, gasp) learns she has a bun in the oven.

The Sibekos hit another speed bump when they lose one of their own and Katlego, who, aside from keeping a secret, suspects her husband of straying. The arrival of her sister only makes matters worse.

By the way, a new family will soon be arriving on The Deep. Who knows what trouble they will bring?


The writers keep pushing the boundaries with their storylines – how else do you explain the incestuous relationship between Tino and his half-sister, Shakira? Despite being married to Daniel, Shakira’s lustful needs lead to an affair with a mystery man.

As for the ongoing power struggles between Donna and Daniel, it appears she has found his Achilles heel – his son Mangi.

Meanwhile, Sasha’s dogged pursuit of a serial killer puts her life in danger and Maletsatsi finds herself in a moral dilemma when a face from her past arrives in town.

And Zweli goes against his father’s wishes when he falls for his sister’s friend – of course, he keeps the romance on the lowdown.


Oh boy, Naomi is back with a vengeance. And she has her eye on Ivan’s business empire.

S’bu turns to Bash and starts conning people when his career starts a downward spiral. Clearly, he hasn’t thought about the repercussions of his “new” career choice. And daddy dearest isn’t going to be happy when he finds out.

Given her string of disastrous relationships, Lucilla decides on a modern approach by turning to internet dating and meets John.

Despite the numerous knocks he faced last year, David is slowly rising to reclaim his power and break free of the shackles he has found himself in.

Viewers can expect a few new faces popping up on screen with Camilla Waldman playing Dr Ongers, Shoki Sebotsane as Patricia (Naomi’s allie) and Jean-Fabrice as Nkhensani’s fiancé.


WITH much drama before the end of last year, there is one major storyline dominating at the moment. It is centred on human trafficking and involves Ngamla and Sello. One of the girls featuring in the story arc is Gabisile Legodi, who plays Samantha.

Expect a drawn-out and dramatic build-up.


IT may be a Venda daily drama, but SABC2’s Muvhango is damn popular among viewers across the board.

So what’s the forecast looking like?

Meme and Pheko return, much to everyone’s surprise. While Meme has designs on reclaiming her chair as the head of Masase, KK isn’t keen on relinquishing power – it’s bad enough he is still madly in love with her.

Meiki comes between James and Mapule’s relationship.

But the real shocker is the paternity issue that surfaces in the royal household.

As is the norm with Muvhango, fresh faces are a main attraction. This year, Phindile Gwala is introduced as Nonny, Thuli’s older sister. Busi Motsamai plays James’ daughter and the Mukwevhos cross paths with a new influential family called the Mphahleles.


THERE’S nothing like an injection of exciting storylines. Binneland is infiltrated by a few. First, Quinton and Daleen’s relationship comes under the spotlight. Meanwhile, At’s frustration with Adler ends with the demise of one of them. With her relationship with At over, Sonja contemplates a fresh start.

While the PR has confirmed an actor will be leaving the soap,the name is being kept secret. We do know, however, that Paul Luckhoff plays Oom Wimpie and Ben Kruger has been signed on as Naomi Ferreira’s dad, Okkie. Oh, I almost forgot, David Rees makes his debut as Sonja’s ex-husband, Theuns Mostert.


THE year opened with the Flooze leaving a trail of mayhem in her wake as she shamelessly pursues Diederik.

Despite the exciting launch of his cocktail bar, Stasie 6, Marko soon realises that if he wants to keep his head above water, he needs to introduce a proper menu.

Meanwhile, Pulane is devastated to learn that her brother Tshepo has a heart problem and, along with her friends, is even more appalled by the dire hospital conditions he is subjected to.

And there is a very strained reunion between Marcel and her mother Jacomien. Nursing intense feelings of abandonment, emotions run riot when the two meet again.

A favourite character, San-Mari (Amalia Uys) leaves the soap on March 26. She gets a somewhat romantic exit – barring the fact that she cheats on Diederik.