ANY guy who saw Sister Sister in the 1990s can’t deny having had a thing for the Mowry twins. There is just something about two chicks and in this case it helped that they were both beautiful – and famous. Time passed and as they grew into women it seemed they only got better.

If you happen to still be hung up on them, their reality show should sort out your view- ing needs. Not every guy is going to enjoy it because the ladies are usually showing off their men and married lives. So essentially you have to be a die-hard fan and join their female admirers in checking out what the identical sisters are up to.

They have done a lot of work since Sister Sister as we seemingly watched them grow. With appearances in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons, it is almost certain that most of us have a soft spot for these ladies and will be interested in their tell-all reality show.

But perhaps telling all is a little too much sharing if you consider what is to be told. We know that one of the sisters gave birth recently (a thing we are surely going to see on the show) and we are happy for her. So you would think the natural order of the show Tia and Tamera would be that we’d see Tamera’s labour scenes, her being calmed by her family, giving birth and – yahoo! – we have another cast member. But no, it doesn’t end there.

For some odd reason, Tia succumbed to her sister’s dare to eat a chunk of her placenta! No, really, this screened a few days ago which is why I am talking about this show,. In her defence the cannibal sister said that Tamera was getting back at her for the time she forced her to drink breast milk. Yuck. Mental gargle solution, anyone?

It gets you thinking about what else these siblings have been up to that has not been recorded on tape. Suddenly the sweet Sister Sister image is ruined.

Here is my take on it all. If you like eating body parts then that’s your thing– just keep it away from your fans. Making your sister sip your breast milk does not help the situation. Not at all. In fact, it is sick and screams of an act for attention. In National Geographic videos you see deer eating their placenta soon after giving birth, but I always thought that’s for the wildlife, since they don’t have scissors and stuff, they can’t let that hang around all day now, can they? But for humans, it is one step away from medical insanity.

Then again, if you look at it from a business point of view, you realise these absurd actions usually get a lot of mileage for the parties involved. Someone reading this may be disgusted, but I am sure they are going to watch the show, waiting for that disturbing episode. That’s how publicity works. You do the unthinkable and people may like it or not, but one thing is certain in reality TV, someone will be interested. Sad, but true.


• Check out Tia and Tamera, Wednesday at 11.05pm, on Style (DStv channel 173).