Genevieve Amy Arulappan, the first person voted off the island.

Now that we are in the full swing of things on Tropika Island of Treasure and and the matter of Reeva Steekamp’s murder is in the hands of the law, let’s check out what to look forward to on the show this week. We will break this story into a few categories based on some of the attributes of the show. Some of it is what we saw, what we should have seen and probably what we will see.


Each week we will chat to the people who were voted off the show to find out how they felt about being booted off. This week we caught up with the first victim of the show’s eviction process, Genevieve Amy Arulappan, who is still in shock.

“I am hurt by how things went,” she said. “I may want to blame one person or the next, but the truth is I can’t. I did this to myself. I am a very talkative and sociable person, but once I got to Jamaica I was suddenly stuck in a cocoon. Perhaps I was intimidated by the others who were more outspoken than me.”

So with the theories of enemies and scheming out of the way, we salute Arulappan for doing the right thing and taking the blame. She returns to her job at a call centre in Durban, broken as she had hoped the show would bring some change into her life.

“I thought talent scouts and directors would be watching, but since I never got a chance to showcase my talent, it is unlikely that I will find something out of this,” she explained.


In this segment we pick one memorable scene from last week’s episode and expand on why it was the best in the episode. There is something about rap music and it’s rappers that other genres just quite can’t get right, and that is the art of being cool. AKA and Da Les are showing this “coolness” in every move they make on the show. They both have a bounce in their step, some swag in their dress sense and a twang in their accent. Granted, they are the cool dudes of the show and egos are on the line. So you can imagine AKA’s dismay when he fell off the horse last week and had to swim back to shore. At least he can swim but still, he was beaten by all the girls as they stayed on horseback.


Here we try and guess who is on the chopping block based on the rivalries and little alliances that usually form on this show. Since the season has just started there isn’t much clarity on who hates whom, but the plebs are too mesmerised by the celebrities they are giving up each other. Had that not been the case, Amy would still be in the game


It’s okay to see the contestants on sand doing the given tasks, but we want all the dirt, too. They obviously have some down time, let’s see that, too. Of course, there may be sensitive footage on Steenkamp, it’s okay if we don’t watch that, but here’s hoping the producers give us some dirt so we know more about the contestants and why they act the way they do towards each other.

Tropika Island of Treasure airs every Saturday on SABC 1 at 6.30pm.