There are fetishes and then there are certified WTF-inducers. Remember in New Girl, when Schmidt’s male member was broken and everything made him feel exactly where it hurt?

Like when he had binoculars over his eyes and his love interest, CeCe, did too and they were looking at birds in the sky when Schmidt suddenly felt pain. Then CeCe asked him how it was possible since they were only looking at birds, to which his response had something to do with eggs.

What? You haven’t seen this episode? Petition your broadcaster to stop playing and put some Zooey Deschanel in your life.

Anyway, Schmidt isn’t the only person who has a weird outlook on sexual relations and its trigger words. TopTV’s TLC channel brings us Strange Attractions which, as the title suggests, falls into the WTF-inducer category.

This docu-series takes its cue from The Isley Brothers and puts exactly what goes on between the sheets on front street. Except, on Strange Attractions things get a little too weird. Have you ever heard of a woman with two vaginas? See what we mean?

Strange Attractions combines quips from experts (we don’t know how one finds an expert on this kind of thing and we don’t want to know) with the legit opinion of medical professionals.

At the core of the series though, are the personal narratives that find people who are unafraid of saying what they like and what they’ve got. Don’t be mistaken though, while there is entertainment value in this show, it’s not soft porn and it should not be aired at a much later timeslot.

If anything, it’s more about uncovering the truth about the taboo.

As much as the pleasures provided by these strange attractions are explored, we also get to see the imminent embarrassment and often frustration from the people who have to deal with these sexual conditions.

Take, for instance, the man who claims to have the largest penis in all of America. This would be an inappropriate time to ask about his race. Moving along, there is also a man who has a growing obsession with balloons. As you can see in this picture, size is something he takes into account when it comes to blowing his balloons. So if you’re interested in why he does it, check this show out.

• Strange Attractions premieres on TLC (TopTV channel 453) on June 14 at 9pm.