Whether you have been on a blind date or not, the truth about people is we are all too concerned about first impressions when we meet someone we might like.

The look has to be right, the conversation engaging and the hope is that the presented package is irresistible. But let’s face it, telling the truth is not always going to be the right thing to do, at least not for some people, so little white lies start creeping in and a different person altogether comes out.

In time those lies are often uncovered because no one can pretend forever. When this happens, the victim will usually wish they’d had a way of knowing from the outset that they were being taken for a ride.

This is where Exposed comes in. The TV show makes ample use of lie detector software to expose unsuspecting people on a date. So you call the guys from Exposed before you go on a date and they wire up the participants. A friend of the dater monitors the date happening from a van. The friend can also see the results of the lie detector. The dater has a series of questions he or she asks two potential partners and those people have to be as truthful as possible.

The dater is in touch with the friend in the van via an earpiece. The friend runs the answers through the lie detection software and tells the dater if what was said was truthful.

When the date ends, the dater then reveals to the potential partners that their conversations were recorded and hooked up to a lie detector. The “prey” are usually shocked and want to come clean immediately. As the rules of the show go, the dater gives them a chance to tell the truth and, hopefully, depending on how open they are, the truth comes out. The dater then consults their friend as to which of the two liars would be the best to take a chance on.

It is a very intriguing way to use the lie detector which you and I might wish we could install in the home, on our cellphones and at work. You could almost say this show feels like a predecessor to Cheaters because they use almost the same sneaky methods to extract the truth. At least this one is less harmful though.

Next time you are on a date, remember to tell the truth as you never know what is really going on behind your back.

• Exposed airs from Wednesday at 6.35pm on Sony Max, (DStv channel 128).