The water on Survivor island has been poisoned. That, or the various bugs feeding on the contestants every day has left some sort of residual brain-mushing bacteria in their bloodstreams which, for reasons not yet known to scientists, affects only certain competitors. How else does one explain that just after Gena was booted off for being so trusting, Sonnette falls victim to much the same syndrome?

What could have possibly possessed her to return the idol when the poor woman knew – she knew! – her number was up next?

Sonnette, you are the weakest link: goodbye.




Where ever does Dave come up with them? He was “on a wish bone that could have broken any way”? Perhaps it’s the horsies that whisper it to him (being a farrier can get lonely, I’d imagine). And as for that “we had some South China Seas lychees – orangutans” remark…

Aside from the fact that it would be something akin to cannibalism considering their vast genetic similarity to humans, given their “endangered” status, I do believe eating an orangutan would also be illegal!



Between Mark waxing lyrical about the “genuine concern” he believes he saw in Shane and the “respect for your team” he so loves to exhort (does he seriously not see Shane for the snake that he is?), and Sonnette’s mind-boggling decision to replace the immunity idol, this week’s Tootsie Talk title is a draw.



We fully support your whole “underestimated silent threat” approach, Sivu.

But if you really want us to take you seriously, perhaps wearing your broeke on the island is not the wisest choice.

Particularly off-white ones that sag – in all the wrong places.




He said it: “You don’t just suddenly become a double agent. You’re either like that as a person, or you’re not. I’m afraid you (Marian) and I are the only ones who are like that.”

And as if to prove the point, Shane’s entire game play throughout Sunday’s showing was peppered with perfidious behaviour, with a volley of snide comments about all and sundry thrown in.

Ah well, at least it can never be said Shane didn’t fully commit to his assigned character – that of resident villain!



Dave keeps pointing the Gena gun in your direction, as do the rest of the Utara tribe who are apparently too cowardly to “own” their actions. But for what it’s worth, we love the fact that you fought so hard for one of your own.




Sheesh, whose’s put a hook in your tail, Fish? You seem less and less interested in how things are unfolding, to the extent that even those who switched tribes have commented on the difference between your and Corne’s approach. Get in the game!




At first I found myself vouching for you, because of your age and the lonely life you seem to lead (what can I say – I have a soft spot for the underdogs). But with comments like “Gena got what she deserved” and the gutless way you seem to sacrifice others to “get in there” with the big boys, I’m beginning to think it’s your complete lack of allegiance and your personality that’s the problem, Dave.


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