Boity Thulo waltzes out of the competition

Debashine Thangevelo

JOHN Mametsa’s mother died so he didn’t participate in Friday’s show. While I was heartbroken (along with hordes of South Africans) at not seeing that taut body glide across that dance floor, he will be back tomorrow night. Good news for his fans, I’m sure.

The third episode definitely saw more polished performances from the contestants.

And I’m hoping that Jonathan Boynton Lee quits drawing so much attention to his struggles with those hip movements and Ashish Gangapersad, as lovable as he is, puts the theatrics on hold and brings those moves instead.

Surprisingly, all the judges were quite generous with their scoring. Although Michael Wentink, the voice of reason and embodiment of composure, and Tebogo Kgobokoe, who gets consumed by her fiery passion, clashed over their critique of Siv Ngesi’s performance, they kissed and made up soon thereafter. Love them!


ONCE again, Khanyi Mbau and Quintus Jansen stole the show with their quickstep. Running with a beautifully choreographed Bonnie and Clyde theme, they mesmerised with every step.

Kgobokoe praised: “You have the ability, agility and the determination. You understand something here (pointing to her head)… it’s switched on and that is what makes you perform the way you perform. I think you are the couple to beat. One of your best performances.”

Samantha Peo was so impressed, she gave them the only nine in the show.

All hail, the Queen of Bling strikes again!

That said, Leandie du Randt’s waltz wasn’t too shabby either. Her dance was graceful and captivating. In fact, she earned the second highest overall score.


COMEDIANS Ngesi and Donovan Goliath are a bit of a surprise every week. They are either surprisingly good or surprisingly bad. This week, both redeemed themselves from their last performances.

Aside from Ngesi spoofing Mametsa during rehearsals – he is a bag of laughs – he was a fireball with his cha-cha.

Peo commented: “You are more of a rhythmic dancer. Now you are very muscular so that works against you a little bit because it ends up looking a bit tight… and a little bit heavy. And when you work together it feels like you are working against each other. Make it less forced and just go with it more.”

And Wentink’s comments left the comedian with a megawatt smile.

The judge said: “I’m happy tonight. It was very entertaining and you boogied it down.”

Meanwhile, Goliath’s samba also stunned Peo. She noted: “I find you funny – in a good way. You guys have such great energy. Great musicality and rhythm. Just watch those hands.”


I’M NOT sure if Wentink or Boity Thulo was more surprised about her being in the bottom two. The judges have always had such a soft spot for this bubbly actress.

But while the bootylicious celebrity brought it in episode one, she slipped down several notches in the episodes thereafter.

However, despite this, she didn’t envision her time getting cut this short.

She says: “This Friday, I danced the waltz with my amazing partner, Ryan Hammond. It felt lovely and strong, but I assume not good enough for the judges’ standards.”

Not a fan of the quickstep, which proved to be her Achilles heel in the competition, she says she wouldn’t trade a single moment on the show.

“The laughter, the nerves, the irritation, the sore feet, the new friendships, everything. The highlight, though, has to be the first week. I had the time of my life.”

Although she suspects Mbau could take the title, she is rooting for everyone.

She says: “The show is extremely unpredictable. You really never know what is going to happen. You just always hope that you make it to the next round. It is, however, a competition – many will be eliminated and there can only be one winner.”

Strictly Come Dancing airs on Friday at 8pm on SABC3. And the result show airs on Saturday at 7pm.