Munyaradzi Vomo

Have you noticed how things became interesting immediately after that random nomination machine was removed from Big Brother?

We all get it now – Downville had too many folk who didn’t really know one another for very long or well enough to be able to nominate those people they wanted to put up for eviction.

But that was then, and now we are in Upville where everyone knows the reality of ending up with the $300 000 is drawing near.

After Alex and Keitta were given the boot last week, the number of contestants was narrowed down to just seven.

So everyone, celebrity or not, stands a one-in-seven chance of taking it home. Now is when the scheming starts.


Prezzo, Lady May, Janette and Kyle are the nominated contestants this week and because Kyle has survived the worst before it is going to be interesting to see who will leave this time.

Lady May has more lives than a cat and Prezzo mastered Big Brother for Dummies.

Janette has never been up for eviction so she is an obvious choice.

She’ll be going home. It is the other three we need to worry about.


So far the two who look like strong contenders are Prezzo and Lady May. Prezzo is that guy you’d love to hate. He’s the personification of a snake and proud of it.

He has played everyone in the house including his love interest, Goldie, so much so that he is the most feared player in the house.

Then comes Lady May, who always has everyone voting for her when nominations come up.

The mere fact that she returns each week intimidates everyone. It kind of takes you back to the time when Munya Chidzonga survived seven consecutive eviction weeks and everyone thought he would be the winner.

If the housemates do not get Lady May and her diva attitude out, then she will, no doubt, be in the top two.


We caught up with the bruised evicted members of Upville, Alex and Keitta, as they licked their wounds.

“I am cool and relaxed,” said Alex. His brother was evicted only two weeks ago and Alex was the only hope for the prize.

“I didn’t see it coming, though I knew two people were leaving, but I didn’t think it would be me,” he said.

Like everyone else he thought the axe would fall on Lady May, but, again, he got the shock of his life when it was decided by the others that he should leave instead.

Keitta, on the other hand, had a feeling his time was up.

“I knew Kyle had replaced me, so I was ready. I have no hard feelings towards him, though, when we meet again we will still kick it,” he said.

He confessed that he had been so prepared to be evicted that he kept his bags packed all the time, ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

“I missed my cellphone, my PS3 and my girl. When I first got out I was taking in everything from the sound of the cars to the people laughing and chatting in the streets,” he said.