The view from the Netflix House SA in picturesque Fresnaye. Picture: IOL

Cape Town - Video streaming service Netflix hosted an exclusive media event in picturesque Fresnaye where guests previewed upcoming Netflix originals.

They showcased behind-the-scenes interviews and snippets of their first-ever big budget production, 'Bright', estimated to cost $90 million.

'Bright', a gritty and violent movie starring Hollywood actor Will Smith as a police officer, is set in an alternate present-day, where magical creatures live among us. The release date is December 22.

After a highly-successful first season of 'Stranger Things', the second season is set to premiere on October 27. The 80s inspired sci-fi horror will keep fans on the edge of their seats as we follow the kids as they try to return to a sense of normalcy after the events of the first season.

Here are five other Netflix shows that have kept me glued to the screen: 

Patton Oswalt's Annihilation

In this special, the US stand-up comedian kicks off with the most obvious target in American politics: President Donald Trump. 

The jokes were expected but delivered in his absurd way. The most poignant part of his set is when he touches on his family life. 

His wife, crime writer Michelle McNamara, died last year and he is now raising their daughter Alice alone. 

He takes the audience on an emotional journey of his wife's illness, her eventual death and the aftermath thereof. 

Designated Survivor Season 2 

A brilliant political drama starring Kiefer Sutherland, Natascha McElhon and hottie Adan Canto. 

The premise: A low-level Cabinet member becomes the leader of the free world on the night of the State of the Union after an explosion claims the lives of the president and everyone in the line of succession. 

Unlike most Netflix series — where a whole season is released — this series is frustratingly rationed to an episode a week, available on a Thursday. 

The storyline, actors' performances, and cliffhangers make it worth the wait, though. A definite must-watch.

Big Mouth

This is an hilarious and raunchy 10-episode adult animated show created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin. 

The series is about a group of teens experiencing the rollercoaster ride that is puberty. 

They deal with the raging emotions, physical changes and, of course, sex... not that they have sex but talk about it A LOT. 

A host of well-known comedians and actors voice the characters.



A reboot of the 1980's TV soap opera with the same name still features the rivalry between the Carrington and the Colby families. I'm not a soapie fan, but the storyline does seem promising with lots of back-stabbing and conniving on the horizon.


I am addicted to and ever-so-slightly in love with Chelsea Handler so my glowing review is admittedly biased. 

The sassy host brings her witty and sharp-tongued humour to this weekly talk show, as she tackles hot-topic issues, interviews celebrities and manages to educate her audience. 

Sadly, she has just announced that she will not be returning for a third season. But all is not lost, as she'll be working on an upcoming Netflix documentary.

What would you suggest I watch next?

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