“I curse the day I gave birth to you”, said a distraught mother of Tsietsi, an inmate who is currently serving 36-years at Bethal Correctional Services.

Tsietsi was featured on Mzansi Magic’s docu-reality show Yobe, arguably one of the most heart-wrenching shows on TV.

Tsietsi’s mother expressed her disappointment at her son’s behaviour since childhood. The first time Tsietsi was in trouble with the law was when he was in Grade 6. 

The mother insisted that she feared her son so much that she wished she dies before his son is released from prison.

His mother set social media into a frenzy when she said she was "afraid" her son might even rape her.

"I was afraid that he might even rape me".

Season 2 of Yobe premiered on Tuesday night with the story of Tsietsi, who is currently was arrested in 2005 for  various crimes including armed robbery.

It was during the robbery that Tsietsi and accomplices stabbed Mr. Mpanza who fortunately lived to tell the events of the fateful day.
The robbers took Mr. Mpanza’s cellphone, money, and a firearm but it was Tsietsi who insisted that his now late friend to shoot Mr Mpanza, however, the gun jammed twice.

Following the events of the day, Mr. Mpanza was hospitalised and Tsietsi who is now serving 13 years in prison requested to speak to Mr. Mpanza in an attempt to ask for forgiveness.

Yobe which started airing in 2018 kept viewers weeping with each episode as offenders and their victims detail some of the gruesome acts of crime in South Africa.

The offenders get an opportunity to engage with victims of their crimes or their victims' families in an attempt to redeem themselves and ask for forgiveness through a state program called Victim Offender Dialogue (VOD).

Mr Mpanza asked Tsietsi if he was genuinely seeking forgiveness or he was using the VOD program for the sake of early release, to which Tsietsi insisted that he was sorry for all his wrongdoings.

His mother also forgave him.  "I'm his mother, I can't forsake him," she said.

Taking to social media, some viewers said Tsietsi didn't show any remorse, while some said the parents must be careful what the name their children as Tsietsi means trouble in Sesotho.