After the success of The Bold and the Beautiful, you can almost see every other show pitched to a channel having a storyline that involves the fashion business.

Some can be boring, but check out Tempy Pushas because, if by chance the storyline is bad, you will at least enjoy the acting.

With the cast including the seasoned yet young Akhumzi Jezile, Class Act runner-up Pallance Dladla, and Class Act winner Sdumo Mtshali, we know this is going to be a show to look forward to. “I play a character called Kuti Daniels, whose name was inspired by the talented musician, Fela Kuti,” said Mtshali about his part in the production.

The story revolves around three orphans who have remained close friends since childhood.

Despite their poor upbringing, the young men have settled well into the environment of lavish fashions and vibrant town culture.

They haven’t necessarily made it big, but they are not about to let their circumstances define their future. “My character was adopted by a white lady at some point when the boys where growing up,” revealed Mtshali.

“He then returns to his best friends with an idea to make a film, a superhero film.

The friends agree because all of them have childhood fantasies of Batman and would like to bring something like that to life through film.”

However, it turns out there is more to making the film than what the guys let on. It is more of a therapeutic exercise for them to deal with the loss of their fourth friend, Mbali, who disappeared when the trio were still in the orphanage.

When the film doesn’t work out and Kuti is offered a job in a fashion house, he discovers he was made to do nothing else.

For Mtshali this role was a great opportunity in that he got to work with his buddies, Dladla and Jezile. Being a senior of Dladla’s in the Class Act series, Mtshali revealed that he’d admired the young man’s work and always hoped to work with him. With regards to Jezile, Mtshali also knew him from the industry and has admired his work over the years.

“It was great to work together, but before that we had agreed not to force the friendship,” he said. “When we got the roles we were really thrilled and worked hard to help each other on the hectic scenes,” he explained.

As far as his character, Kuti, goes, Mtshali worked hard on the role as he could not relate to it.

“I am not an orphan and he is, and he is adopted and I don’t know anything about that,” he confessed.

Apart from this show, Mtshali has just finished shooting iNumber Number, an action movie, and he also stars on Rhythm City.

• Tempy Pushas airs every Friday at 8.30pm on SABC1.