Sutton Foster as Liza Miller in 'Younger'. Picture: Supplied

If you’re late to one of the most popular rom-coms on Showmax, Younger is the story of single-mom Liza Miller, played by Sutton Foster. 

Divorced at 40, she reboots her career and love-life by pretending to be in her late-twenties. Soon she has her dream career in publishing, but as her personal and professional lives become irreversibly intertwined, keeping her secret becomes increasingly difficult.

Spoiler alert: For much of the first four seasons, Liza’s been caught in a love triangle between the much-younger tattoo-artist Josh (The Following’s Nico Tortorella) and her boss Charles (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’s  Peter Hermann), trying to decide between being age-inappropriate or work-inappropriate.

Season four ended with Josh getting married and moving to Ireland and season five starts with Charles trying to reunite with his wife, whose novel Marriage Vacation Liza acquired last season (and which has since been published in real life, under the show’s fictional Millennial imprint, by Simon & Schuster).

And a recent fan Q&A left the door open for both relationships. “I think that it’s a good sign when the writers make something extremely complicated for two people because it means that there are more things ahead,” hinted Peter.  

Sutton recalls looking Peter up online after being told he’d be guesting on the show in episode five of season one, with the potential to become a recurring character as her love interest. “I looked you up online and I thought, ‘Oh, he’s cute.,’” she tells Peter. “And then we met and now it’s season five, when all hell is about to break loose. Isn’t that fascinating? We could have loathed each other and had no chemistry. It could have all been disaster: that was a nice experiment; a new boss comes in.”

But when asked by a fan if there was any hope for Liza and Josh after the season four finale, she said, “I think there will always be hope for Josh and Liza. I think Josh and Liza have a piece of each other’s heart; they will always love each other. What capacity that relationship will be, I do not know. But I think that Liza will always love Josh and Josh will always love Liza - even though he’s now married.”

Watch the trailer below.

Last month, TVLand announced that their flagship series had been renewed for a sixth season, so there’s time for more twists and turns to come. 

Younger co-stars Hilary Duff (Lizzi McGuire), Miriam Schor (The Good Wife), Debi Mazar (Entourage), and Molly Bernard (Transparent). 

The series has frequently been compared to Sex and The City: not just because both shows were created by Darren Star, but because they’re both New York-set shows about dating and female friendship, featuring designer outfits.

 The first four episodes of season five are now available, first on Showmax, followed by episodes 5-8 on 1 August 2018, with the last three episodes express from the US.