The Imposter cast. Picture: Supplied

From the producers of Rockville, Igazi and Mzansi Magic’s popular telenovela The Queen, comes a new drama series called The Imposter. 

The series started on Sunday, October 8, and follows the story of twin sisters Mantwa and Matshepo Tau, who find themselves at war as a consequence of a moment that changed their lives. 

One of the sisters breaks out of prison after 17 years and takes over the wonderful life of her identical twin, who was responsible for her incarceration.

In the mix is actor Zenzo Nqobe, who plays Junior, a detective working to solve the case of the escaped prisoner. 

“Junior is the good guy on the right side of the law. He comes from a family of four. He is a family guy who loves his parents and younger sister, and will do anything to protect them, but he has never had any luck with relationships. He comes in to solve the case of the escapee and is working with his dad, who is the prison warden,” said Nqobe. 

It’s Nqobe’s first time playing a detective, but the character came easy for him because he loves watching crime-solving films and series. 

“I always wanted to play a cop and it’s finally happened. However, this character is not only about being a detective; he has many layers and viewers will get to see his struggle as the layers are peeled away, episode after episode,” he said.

Nqobe said he prepared for this role by means of method acting. This is a dramatic technique in which actors aspire to complete emotional identification with a part by correlating experiences from their personal lives to the character. 

“I referred to a lot to cop movies that I watched and tried to embody the character in that way. I had to build him from within myself to portray him in the best possible way,” he said. 

Aside from Junior (Nqobe), viewers will uncover the many layers and complexities of the other characters as they get to know the actors bringing the story to life.

The all-star cast includes Thishiwe Ziqubu, who takes on the lead, portraying the role of Matshepo, alongside Mpumi Mpama (as Reginald); Khulu Skenjana (as Caesar); Omuhle Gela (as Lerato); Mary Twala (as Gogo) and Owen Sejake (Warden Moloisi). 

“Working with the cast was great. We feed off one another’s energies to create magic on screen. It didn’t even matter whether they were new to the industry or not. We all just gelled,” he said. 

Nqobe, who played a thug in The Queen – a completely different role to the one he plays  now –said he will definitely opt for more roles like this.

“I’ve never seen a script like this in South Africa before. It’s exciting to know that we are able to tell stories like this in our country. It’s so intriguing and, in the future, I would love to play more cop roles,” he said. 

* The Imposter airs Sundays 8pm on Mzansi Magic