Sunday’s episode of Clash of the Choirs was probably the best yet. Themed Gospel Medleys, you could almost tell that most of the singers come from a church background. They were all generally in their element and it showed that they knew the songs prior to entering the competition.

Apart from the singing, it was great to see some choirs break loose and do some questionable, yet entertaining, dance moves.

What was even better was when host Bonang Matheba jokingly challenged the dancers from HHP’s choir to a dance-off and they delightfully accepted. It was sweet to watch, given that it wasn’t rehearsed.

A highlight was to see former contestant Zwai Bala as guest judge. While he did very well last year, Bala was unlucky to lose to Khaya Mthethwa.

As someone who has been in the music game for a while, his input is invaluable.

It was also encouraging that he came on the show while his team from last year, Mpumalanga, is still in the running. That should give them a boost.


Ziyon (pictured, centre) was a pleasant surprise as he owned the entire episode.

For someone who has written infectious songs like Fairytale and BBM, it was problematic that he was one of those people whom the judges did not like.

The blending of the songs on the night was seamless, making it a very powerful performance.


Moneoa’s singers were dropping like flies, thanks to some health issues.

Granted, our feeble bodies give in to sickness, but showing it on TV almost spoils the show. We don’t want to be emotionally coerced into feeling sorry for anyone.

If certain choir members don’t make it, just go with whom you have because, honestly, very few of us will pick up that there are some people missing.


“TV aside, showbiz aside, what you did tonight was mindblowing,” said Anele Mdoda about team Ziyon’s incredible performance. Of all the judges, it was her sentiments that encapsulated just how good their performance was.


Moneoa and Robbie Malinga met in the clash-off and, surprisingly, they did not get to actually fight.

This was as a result of the guest judge Bala using the third and final judges’ pass to save any team from possible eviction.

While we would have wanted someone to go yesterday, we can rest in the knowledge that from next week someone will be going home every week.


Judging from yesterday alone, Ziyon is definitely the guy to look out for. HHP and Shugasmakx appear to be complacent now and this might get them in trouble later. Malinga has been lingering in the competition a little more than is necessary. Moneoa should not be intimidated by the bottom-two result, she can still win this.

• Clash of the Choirs airs every Sunday at 5.30pm on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161).