Zodwa Wabantu. Picture: Instagram

The premise of Behind the Story with Pearl Thusi is having celebrities in the hot seat revealing things about themselves and careers they usually would not.

Pearl tackles scandals, relationships, public feuds and although sometimes viewers endure too much information, it is entertaining nevertheless.

Zodwa Wabantu is known for many things, she does not wear any underwear, she has no problem showing some skin — well lots of skin actually — and she can vosho for days.

From her humble days dancing at the very popular Eyadini Lounge to performing at the inaugural DsTV Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards last year, Zodwa has created a name for herself. And although some might love to hate her, she is living her best life and Pearl managed to get many questions answered in what was the best #BehindtheStory yet.

Here is what we learnt about Zodwa:

She uses tampons when she is on her monthly cycle

Pearl asked her what she does when it is that time of the month since she does not wear any underwear, we were all left shocked by her response, even Pearl.

Zodwa simply said: “I use tampons and when it comes to me, I tie that string around that nice thing we have down there. No one has seen my private part but people will speak as if they have."

Skolopad does not exist

She refused to speak about Skolopad, but did say “There is no more Skolopad, lets not talk about her. What is she even doing, does she have any gig? Do you see her with celebrities? No."

Career plans

She also said that she will only fade away when she decides to retire and for no other reason.

During the show's broadcast on Wednesday, Pearl took to social media to share a clip and admitted she still needs to "recover" from interviewing Zodwa.

Ironically, Pearl was watching the show while in Zambia, the country that refused Zodwa entry in March.

Viewers also took to Twitter to share their thoughts: