(File image) Sofia Vergara

London - Sofia Vergara is terrified of suffering another wardrobe malfunction.

The Modern Family star - whose breasts were recently exposed in a nightclub, just months after her dress ripped, revealing her underwear at the Emmys last September - has admitted that walking the red carpet in a fragile dress is extremely challenging and she could easily suffer another embarrassing incident.

The 40-year-old actress - who is nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a TV series at the Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday - told People.com: "It's very easy (for a dress to rip) because you get out of the car, you go up, you try to go to the restroom. When you're on the red carpet, a lot of people step on your dress and pull it.

"After a while, that's what causes the stitches to get loose because usually you have those long gowns. You can never really control it, but you just hope for the best."

But despite being worried about exposing herself again, the actress insists she doesn't find awards season stressful, especially as she likes her castmates.

She said: "It's a celebrating time. I don't see any stress in it, because for me, the award is just going to the awards show. I never expected in my life that I was going to be part of a show like Modern Family and be nominated for anything. I'm very new to acting, so for me, it's a party.

"We have drinks. We make it a nice day. I think our cast's chemistry is luck. We honestly like each other. We don't have any competition.

"Now we know the process of getting ready and prepared - the dress, the jewellery. I know now more who the designers are that fit me right. It's getting easier and easier." - Bang Showbiz