Manu WorldStar and Dee XCLSV performing at Back to the City 2017.

AKA’s malice during the first few weeks of Vuzu Hustle intensified during last night’s episode. His Randal Abrahams-style scorn, which has thus far stolen the show, was on full view again as he made a point of roasting contestants he felt were subpar with very little, if any, constructive criticism.

After the show started off with a silly challenge that tested contestant’s knowledge of SA hip hop, Nadia Nakai visited the house and challenged them to craft the perfect trap anthem. 

TTGO, aka The Fourth Migo, made a bright start in a challenge he'd be expected to excel at before stumbling through his lines for the second week in a row. And also for the second week in a row, Flex Rabanyan emerged as the stand-out performer here. Despite the baffling criticism from the judges Huge Da Oracle, who’s about as far from a trap artist as they come, also put in an impressive performance here.

Then, after Phoenix got the boot in typically dramatic fashion, Manu WorldStar and Dee XCLSV, who are both part of the same management group and have been thus far inseparable on the show, were relegated to the elimination battle.

Dee XCLSV emerged victorious here, with the polarising Manu exiting at 10th spot. Not long after he left the house, Manu released the video snippet of a newly-released song titled #Juice, where he responds to AKA's claim last night that he had "run out of juice". 

It's definitely worth a listen!