Charlize Theron and Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. Picture: Supplied

Charlize Theron appeared on 'The Daily Show' last week to promote her new movie 'Atomic Blonde'.

In a video shared on the show's Facebook page, Charlize tells fellow South African celebrity and the talk show's host, Trevor Noah, how she cracked two teeth while training for the film.  It was reportedly so bad that it required dental surgery.

The 41-year-old actress has been very busy on a world promo tour for her new movie, which debuted in America this past weekend, and has confessed she wants to "disappear" for a little bit before everybody gets sick of her.

She said: "I need to take a break, I need to, like, go away. I'm sure everybody is tired of seeing me. This has been like a very intense tour. People are loving the film, which is so great, but at the same time I need to like go and chill out and disappear for a second."

'Atomic Blonde' hits SA's cinemas late next month.