Picture: Twitter

The internet was in stitches on Monday after a video of a hungry cow went viral on social media. 

In the video shared by popular Twitter user, "Man's Not Barry Roux," the cow can be seeing grazing alongside a dirt road. However, it's not the grass that's whet its appetite, but rather the brightly coloured yellow and green ANC posters were plastered on the wall. 

Man's Not Barry Roux had a theory of his own, that he put to his 547 000 followers. Captioning the video, he wrote: "Good Morning to everyone except for those who sent this cow to chow The ANC posters, this cow your should be called to the commission of inquiry & tell us who sent it. Wait! maybe this is the cow that Baleka Mbete killed & it’s back to hurt the ANC. The poor cow died for nothing".

He then doubled-down on his theory with another post, by pointing out that  the cows were only eating ANC posters and avoided the ruling party's opposition, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), campaign posters.

Tweeps, however, had some theories of their own, ranging from ancestors sending a message, while other claimed cows simply do not like the colour red and people were reading to much into it.

See mixed reactions below.