DJ Milkshake. Picture: Instagram

DJ Milkshake is on a long walk, for education. 

The DJ has embarked on a 120km walk from his home in Diepkloof, Soweto to Tlhabane in Rustenburg in support of disadvantaged children.

Milkshake has been sharing his journey on Instagram.

He recently made an announcement on social media about his initiative to create awareness and raise funds for children who walk long distances to school, “sometimes without food, shoes and school uniform.

The DJ was applauded by fellow colleagues and fans for the great initiative:

DJ Black Coffee tweeted:

"God Bless you my Brother.....Go On....We are in full support."

Twins also posted on Facebook this morning about their involvement and support of the initiative.

"Yesterday we joined DJ Milkshake with the boys for a few km's of 120km walk from Soweto to Rustenberg for his cause to raise awareness for the unprevelidged youth that walk incredibly long distances to get an education because of no access to transport,proper school supplies/uniforms etc. This is for them to donate or find out more email [email protected]

The long walk started with the announcement:

Join my journey on all social media platforms. #DJMilkshake #ShakeShifters #Savage

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Approaching the 40km mark: 

#ShakeShifters #DJMilkshake

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The journey continues...Please note the video contains strong language:

HALFWAY! 🚶🏾🚶🏾🚶🏾 #DJMilkshake #ShakeShifters #Savage

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Time for selfies too..."Always time for a selfie! Spirits are high. In Magalies with my brother."