Trevor Noah and Bill Gates. Picture: YouTube Thumbnail.
Trevor Noah and Bill Gates. Picture: YouTube Thumbnail.

WATCH: Trevor Noah joins forces with Bill Gates to educate on Covid-19

By Alyssia Birjalal Time of article published Apr 8, 2020

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Comedy heavyweight, Trevor Noah and software magnate, Bill Gates recently joined forces to raise awareness around the health crisis that’s sweeping the globe: Covid-19.

The initial interview was brought about because of a TED talk that Gates delivered in 2015, where he said that if anything were to kill over 10 million people, it would be a "highly infectious virus" rather than a war. And suggested putting all our good ideas into practice, from scenario planning to vaccine research to health worker training.

Noah started the conversation with Gates saying that numerous conspiracies have since come out of that specific TED talk. 

Gates responded saying that he didn't specifically know that it would be coronavirus and that it would hit in late 2019, but the goal of the talk was to encourage governments to make the investments so they could respond very quickly and keep the case numbers very low. 

"Sadly this is not a case of "hey, I told you so", because we didn't use that time when it was clear as the biggest threat to kill millions of people, to have the diagnostics standing by, to be ready to ramp up a vaccine factory," he said. 

Ongoing discussions between the two included coronavirus testing, accelerating vaccine development and how the world will rebound.

An expert in the field of infectious diseases, Gates has done a lot of work on the eradication of malaria and shared his valuable insights on steps that must be taken to minimise the spread of Covid-19 and prevent a future outbreak.

Watch the YouTube video here: 

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