ALLIANCE FRANÇAISE, 155 Loop Street, CBD. Tel: 021 423 5699:

50 Years of the Elysee Treaty. A poster exhibition on Franco-German ties.

Ends March 29.

THE AVA GALLERY, Church Street, CBD. Tel: 021 424 7436:

Portals of Creation. Over four years Anthea Delmotte travelled around South Africa, painting local artists as they went about their work. Monday to April 5.

A Word of Art, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock Exchange.

Tel: 083 300 9970:

Ways of Seeing. A painting project curated by Ricky Lee Gordon, aka Freddy Sam (Cape Town), and international artists in residence Know Hope (Tel Aviv), Gaia (New York City) and Franco Jaz Fasoli (Buenos Aires). Ends Saturday.

BARNARD GALLERY, 55 Main Street, newlands, Cape Town. Tel: 021 671 1666:

Around a Mountain. A contemporary, urbanised perspective of landscape in charcoal and acrylic by Philippa Allen. Ends March 14.

blank projects, 113-115 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock. Tel: 072 198 9221:

New Sculptures. Kyle Morland working with common mild steel. Ends April 6.

Cradle. Richard Penn references the ungraspable scope of our universe by looking at the extremely small, like the microscopic universe of plankton and diatoms, as well as the unimaginably large and distant, as he borrows shapes and formats from the Hubble telescope. Ends April 6.

BRUNDyN + GONSALVES, 71 Loop Street, CBD. Tel: 021 424 5150:

Volta NY 2013. Mohau Modisakeng’s black-and-white prints focus on the question of violence as a mediator of history. Ends Sunday.

THE CAPE GALLERY, 60 Church Street, CBD. Tel: 021 423 5309:

An exhibition of oil landscapes by Frederike Stokhuyzen. Ends March 23.

Commune.1, 64 Wale Street, CBD. Tel: 021 423 5600:

Imvo Zambantsundu/The Native Opinion. Poet and artist Ayanda Mabulu’s large-scale paper works and paintings. March 14 to April 20.

CASTLE OF GOOD HOPE, Castle Street, Cape Town. Tel: 021 787 1260:

In the Lady Ann Barnard Banquet Hall: Dinner for 101. An installation of 101 contemporary ceramic place settings by local artists. Ends March 17.

In the Granary: Fired. An exhibition of South African ceramics which received the Best New Museum Project 2012-2013 award by the Western Cape provincial government.

DAVID KRUT PROJECTS, 31 Newlands Avenue, Newlands. Tel: 021 685 0676:

Remote Projections. Mischa Fritsch explores themes of land art through video installations. The videos were filmed in the Tanqua Karoo. Ends March 30.

GREATMORE STUDIOS, 47-49 Greatmore Street, Woodstock. Tel: 021 447 9699:

Onder die Reënboog Strale. A retrospective of Dathini Mzayiya’s charcoal, acrylic and oil paintings plus a multimedia component. Ends March 15.

JOHANS BORMAN FINE ART, 16 Kildare Road, Newlands. Tel: 021 683 6863:

Works by Irma Stern, Maggie Laubser, Erik Laubscher, Walter Battiss, Cecil Skotnes, Pranas Domsaitis, Ephraim Ngatane and Sydney Kumalo and new works by contemporary artists Walter Meyer, Jacobus Kloppers, Daan Vermeulen and Ben Coutouvidis.

THE LOVELL GALLERY, 135 Albert Street, Woodstock. Tel: 021 447 5918:

Timeline. The collection of Elad Kirshenbaum features contemporary urban art from artists such as Shepherd Fairey, Bison, Dran, Faith 47, Black Koki, Swoon and Conrad Botes. Ends tomorrow.

MICHAEL GALLERIES, Hiddingh Campus, Orange Street, Cape Town. Tel: 021 480 7170:

Between the Lines. Paintings, photography, installations, video work and performances by fine art and art theory students from Michaelis School of Fine Art and the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig. Ends March 20.

SALON91 CONTEMPORARY ART COLLECTION, 91 Kloof Street, Gardens. Tel: 082 679 3906:

Back in Five Minutes.The exhibition is centred on typography and features the work of Dani Loureiro, Clint Campbell, Ben Johnston, Clement de Bruin and Justin Southey. Ends March 23.

slee gallery, 101 Dorp Street, Stellenbosch. Tel: 021 887 3385.

Hereafter. An exhibition by various artists contemplating transience. Ends Sunday.

STEVENSON, Buchanan Building, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock. Tel: 021 462 1500:

Great Expectations. Claudette Schreuder’s exhibition of tables of figurines follows on her work in Close, Close.

New Pictures. Ian Grose’s portraiture, interiors, still lifes and landscapes explore our interpretion of pictures and the shifting constructs of meaning that arise from the recontextualising of images.

Native Work. Andrew Putter contrasts 21 black-and-white photographs of contemporary black Capetonians in “tribal” or “traditional” costume in the genre of ethnographic photographer Alfred Martin Duggan-Cronin with photographs of the same people in colour, dressed as they chose based on how they see themselves. Ends April 6.

WHATIFTHEWORLD/gallery, corner 1 Argyle Street and Albert Road, Woodstock. Tel: 021 802 3111:

Cars and Girls, by Frances Goodman. A multimedia exploration of issues around female identity which merges the glittering allure of cars with that of women as a symbol of desire, sex, success and promise. Ends Saturday.

WOODSTOCK FOUNDRY, 160 Albert Road, Woodstock. Tel: 082 825 6697:

Heavy Metal. Contemporary South African designs in metal, or inspired by metal, by 48 designers, artists and ceramicists. Ends Saturday.

YOUNGBLOOD GALLERY, beautyfull life building, 70-72 Loop Street, Cape Town. Tel: 021 424 0074:

Screening of the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop at 8.30pm today, as part of the launch of First Thursdays, a chance to walk around the city’s galleries, which stay open until 9pm on the first Thursday in the month. Galleries taking part include: Worldart, Black Box Gallery, The AVA Gallery, Chandler House, Lutge Gallery, Latitude 33, Robert Sherwood Design, Brundyn + Gonsalves, Ebony, G2 Art, StateoftheART, Youngblood Gallery, Erdmann Contemporary, New Heritage Gallery and the d’Vine art Room by Shay Davis.

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