The Thunderbirds. Picture: Twitter

A "Handmaid’s Tale" took the world by storm when it burst onto the small screen. It presented a retro-futuristic world where women were basically enslaved and used as breeders in a future where antiquated laws are given evil twists.

It also gave us memorable but weird lines like “blessed be the fruit” as greetings. For most people, that just stayed a line on the show. But for the Thunderbirds - a comedy collective made up of Nina Hastie, Gilli Apter and Claudine Ullman - it is fodder for humorous videos.

The Thunderbirds perform around the country and their first show was in Johannesburg at the beginning of the month. To promote that show, they created a short video where they are dressed like the women in A Handmaid’s Tale and when one of them strolled by and said “blessed be the fruit” another responds: “no thank you, I’m banting.”

This weekend, the Thunderbirds head to Cape Town and once again, they’ve created a short video inspired by that show. Watch the hilarity and stick around til the end to see the Trending SA presenter do the #InMyFeelings challenge.

Catch the Thunderbirds at the Protea Hotel in Cape Town on August 24 and 25. Tickets are available at Quicket.