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The saying goes: “No two wrongs can make a right”, but what if an entire collective where music and art are at play and explored in the most arb way can? This is a particular notion you are free to tug and pry at during the On The Edge Of Wrong festival from Monday to Sunday.

For the past six years, Norwegian musician and festival founder Morten Minothi Kristiansen has been bringing this small but impressive festival of exploratory music and art to the Mother City.

The Nordic maestro believes in engaging and trying to search for new ways to experiment in art.

“To push the borders and limits of something, you have to be on the border,” explains Kristiansen.

Being a former student from the UCT College of Music has allowed him to forge great connections with local musicians and help harness a talent pool between South Africa and Norway.

On The Edge of Wrong will see South African and Norwegian musicians merge in an art explosion of talent exchange not only among themselves but involving the audience, too.

“There is an ongoing exchange, we have musical meetings between the artists and network is growing. It’s become easier for South African artists to come to Norway and vice versa.”

Running for the seventh time this year, has the exploratory venture been somewhat fulfilled?

“Over the years it has developed but it’s difficult to measure how you have changed as a musician and that’s why we keep doing it every year. It’s like you search for something, then you find it, then you want to search some more.”

New on the line-up this year will be The Drawing Club/Wall called DIVERSE diverse, hosted by Ørjan Moen, a group exhibition where the public are invited to discuss and bring their artwork.

“We’re taking the festival to Norway in September and want to take the artwork from artists over here and present it in Norway and help create great opportunities.”

Also featured is Conversations on The Edge of Wrong. “The audience will meet one or more artists in conversation on stage. Topics related to the festival’s work, exploring the cultural exchange as well as the artistic exploration, amongst others. What does it actually do to us? What does it lead to and why do we do it?

• The festival takes place at the Mahogany Room. Tickets are R80. For more on the festival programme visit