Artwork by Talut Kareem. Picture: THK Gallery
Artwork by Talut Kareem. Picture: THK Gallery

Investec Cape Town Art Fair: Digital Event connects Africa to the world

By Kedibone Modise Time of article published Sep 18, 2021

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Africa’s leading art fair, Investec Cape Town Art Fair, is making great strides with its first digital event in conjunction with its sister fair in Milan, Miart International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair, taking place from September 17-19.

Under the theme, Connect Through Art from Africa and the World, the cross-continent art fair will expose 40 local and 13 international exhibitors to a global, much broader audience.

The director of the fair, Laura Vincenti, says she and her team are delighted to host the first virtual edition of the fair, bringing together a diverse range of global audiences.

“The digital event is an evolution we’ve been planning for a while. Finding the right approach to expand into this new space is, as you can imagine, a strong step forward for us. It galvanises the feel created by being in a physical space with an art piece with the ability to step beyond the boundaries of that physical space,” offers Vincenti.

She adds: “The Art Fair has worked at using digital not only as an extension of our reach but also created a narrative that showcases art using the elements available in digital.”

“We hope to reach a larger audience as we aren’t bound by the physical access to a convention centre, make art more accessible to a new audience looking to diversify their investments from just equities or property, and provide a new canvas for creative expression where artists can use digital tools to express their energy.”

Talut Kareem, Olwethu De Vos, Anna Marzuttini are some of the leading artists who are set to exhibit their works at this year’s Investec Cape Town Art Fair.

We caught up with the trio prior to the event to chat about all things art and what fans should expect from the event.

Talut Kareem

Kareem is a young contemporary artist based in Lagos, Nigeria. He is excited about the opportunity to showcase his works at the fair.

“My practice explores the transitory nature of the human mind, unpacking emotions and social behaviours in intensely personal works. Being an introvert, I find peace and completeness in drawing and painting, which for me, is a therapy, which makes me more open about my vulnerabilities,” says Kareem.

“My works attempt to illustrate my mental state and are centred around mental wellness, emphasising the need to protect our energy.

He says he draws inspiration from personal experiences.

“My works are deeply personal, and I hope their message will touch those who can relate to my story. The experience of being in isolation, which the whole world experienced in some form in the last year, made us realise the human need to connect.

“At first, the isolation and loss of connection was intensely difficult and depressing, but with time and patience, I used the quiet moments to research and deepen my knowledge about myself and the art world, which caused me to re-evaluate my art practices.”

Kareem says he’s looking forward to showcasing his works which he hopes visitors would find “calming and welcoming”.

Artwork by Talut Kareem. Picture: THK Gallery

Olwethu De Vos

De Vos is a contemporary multidisciplinary visual artist and curator.

Her works centre around the emotional, psychological and social wellbeing of individuals advocating for new positive ways of relating to one another.

“My body of work develops and is inspired by my personal interrogations of societal ideologies, principles, philosophies and theories surrounding the human experience.

“Embedded in the works, one can find nuances of emotional, psychological and behavioural concepts leading to notions of healing, gratitude, love, beauty, forgiveness of self and acceptance of circumstances,” explains De Vos.

“Through my art, I further encourage the planting of new seeds in order to reap richer rewards, where the mental conditioning of one can be developed in ways that are healthy. I advocate for healing of past traumas where one is given the ability to review their sense of self-worth,” she adds.

The Joburg-based star says she’s thrilled about her first virtual exhibition and hopes her art ignites the essence of healing, understanding, gratitude, love, beauty, forgiveness, sorrow, courage, and respect.

“I, personally, prefer live exhibitions. I enjoy engaging with people and witnessing how people react, resonate and engage with my artworks. There is also a sense of confidence that comes with your artworks being out of the studio and showcased publicly.”

Artwork by Olwethu DeVos. Picure: Supplied

Anna Marzuttini

Marzuttini is an Italian artist who recently graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice.

“My attention is focused on the wild nature that I identify in shapes and dynamics. My artistic research is mainly through painting, drawing and sculpture,” says Marzuttini.

She adds: “Through my art, I try to propose a reflection on the sweetened and stereotyped vision we have today of nature. The human being tends more and more to tame it and move away from it, excluding the wildest and most sincere aspects which I believe are the most interesting.”

“I hope that visitors will appreciate the exhibition for the spontaneity and sincerity that I believe transpires from my works.”

Marzuttini says she’s proud to be able to participate in an international event of this magnitude as she’s most looking forward to the event as she never exhibited online before.

Artwork by Anna Marzuttini. Picture: Supplied

The inaugural Cape Town Art Fair Digital Event will run simultaneously with Milan Art Week and MIART International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair, from September 17 - 19.

The Investec Cape Town Art Fair Digital Event is free of charge. But you need register first to gain access.

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